My Favourite ‘Draw My Life’s

5 tgfyv - friday

For those who are avid followers of youtube celebrities, you probably have heard of what this internet meme is all about. ‘Draw My Life’ videos consist of the youtuber telling their viewers their personal story from birth to present time, and this is done through speed drawing (stick figures) on a whiteboard with a marker, or in any other form of ‘drawing’. While drawing, they narrate their story. These stories can either be incredibly emotional and heart-wrenching, they may aim towards the more comedic side or (beware!) even be a complete satire of the entire trend (e.g. Grace Helbig’s version). But I think overall, each youtuber is forced to put themselves in a position of incredible vulnerability and is therefore relatable to a huge demographic of viewers because of the situations they have been in.

So below is a list of my favourite ‘Draw My Life’s:

1. Ryan Higa

2. Philip DeFranco

3. Anthony Padilla

4. Tyler Oakley

5. Meghan Camarena (the most recent one I watched)

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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