Weekly Update: Cups, Truth or Dare and Bravest Warriors

7 the rest - sunday

This week has been – just a rollercoaster. Broken pipes in my house, I probably know the ground floor plan of the general hospital very well by now, went to check out a new mall and shopped for shoes, a business outfit, and (gasp) actual (albeit drugstore) makeup, watched a handful of some of my old favourite movies like Big Fish and Matilda, lack of sleep, too much sleep, too much guilt, lack of guilt, cleaned out the desk and the shelves and an entire bookcase and threw away all my school textbooks, and just everything in between.

So, I don’t know whether I’m glad this week is over. I just hope that somewhere out of all the events that occurred, I’ve come out a stronger person and learnt a few life lessons here and there.

But in the meantime, here is the routine end of Sunday choices.

1. Song of the Week: Cups Cover – Sam Tsui, Alex G, Kina Grannis, Kurt Schneider

Yes, a pretty old fad. But a really good rendition of it nonetheless. And I love the harmonies in this one.

2. Youtube Video of the Week: SourceFed’s ‘Tight Shirts, Dirty Pants and a Singalong on Truth or Dare!’

I think everything in this video is just hilarious. And what better way to get involved in a ‘truth or dare’ than from the comfort of your laptop watching others humiliate themselves, no?

3. Trailer of the Week: Cartoon Hangover Release Dates (internal squeal)

Less of an actual trailer but good enough for a Bravest Warriors update on all the episodes to come! And I am so excited I’m going to overuse exclamation marks soon! Here’s a recap of the dates from the video:

1. Sugarbellies – July 18

2. Dramabug – August 08

3. Browser Fail – August 22

4. Impossibomb – September 05

5. Terrabeth Bytes – September 19

Yup, I can’t wait for them all!

So, till next time,

cumuloq ❤


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