Random Things to be Happy About

1 silver lining - monday

Sometimes it’s hard to keep smiling, we get so wrapped up in all the things that make us unhappy that we can’t see the things that are so simple that we should be thankful for, that are so blatant to see by those who do not have the privilege to own it. And sometimes we forget to be thankful or respectful for the love and dedication others give to us. It is so easy to be fraught by what we can term ‘first-world problems’ that we forget to see the random little things in our lives that we should be happy about:

1. Parents who take care of their health and who have financially planned for your future

It’s something we usually don’t pay attention to, ’cause we’re always so involved in our own social lives. Sometimes we don’t take time to ask our parents how they’re doing, whether their work stresses them out or whether their getting too overwhelmed with household chores and providing us our meals. We also never pay attention to how much they probably put in to our education. I know many of my friends take their education for granted, even at such a late stage of their lives; they skip lectures that are paid for, they go out shopping, they don’t try to make the best of the education that is given to them. I’m sure if all that money came out of their own pockets, they would be a lot more aware of the stress to get those school bills paid. So one thing to definitely be more thankful and happy about are parents who do take the time to put these two interests in the forefront of your relationship.

2. Running water

Last week, I had the unfortunate experience to have a pipe broken in the middle of the night. We had no choice but to stop the water running in our house. It didn’t occur to me until then how reliant we are on water for our daily lives: washing dishes, hands, toilet water, shower, boiling drinking water, cooking, drinking and cleaning clothes. I think one thing we should be more appreciative of is clean running water. All those camp-lovers should know what I’m talking about; after a long weekend of surviving out in the wilderness with the dirt, bugs and sweat forming a generous coat on the skin, the first thing you want when you get home is a shower, the second is probably a good rest. So if you’re sad, get in the shower and be thankful that you can get clean. ‘Cause there are people out there who probably are working like crazy who yearn for a good shower.


When you’re young, you complain that you don’t have all the material things that you want, the latest iPhone, a gaming console, a pretty dress, gorgeous hair or the latest concert tickets to your favourite band. Those are things you don’t have to stress about or worry your little heart over. Least of all, you don’t have to worry if you missed your chance to get into a school that you want or you didn’t win a competition that gets you ahead in life to an amazing career, you don’t need to fret about not looking old enough to be taken seriously, or getting into a relationship, these things will happen in time. Be thankful and happy that you still have many years ahead to figure out your life. And don’t stop dreaming, there is still time for you. Be happy for that.

4. Someone who cares about you and thinks you’re special

I think this is something to be very happy about. ‘Cause if someone cares about you out there and thinks that you’re a special human being, it means that you’re doing something right in your life, it means you took your time to know someone, you took time to capture their attention, and that you are, indeed, unique. So be more appreciative of that person in your life who takes the time to talk to you, whether it be via sms or on the phone, ’cause the time they take to bother you is also time taken where someone has thought about you. And I think that kind of loving gesture is very awesome indeed.

And with that, I’ll end this post. 🙂

Till next time,

cumuloq ❤


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