Dr Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog Review

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After watching SourceFedNERD‘s review of Doctor Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog, I thought that I would check out what the hype and cult classic love was all about. Thankfully, I had a good background knowledge of the 42 minute film before watching it because jumping straight into it would have left me very confused with Neil Patrick Harris singing directly at the camera in a lab coat and goggles.


So, hence, I will begin with the back story in the hopes that those jumping into Act I do not scoff at it and never see the light of Act II (thought that’s kind of hard to believe as Neil Patrick Harris is charismatic enough to capture an audience’s attention for the good 15 minutes).

Written during the Writers Strike in 2008 by the amazing mind of Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire SlayerToy Story and The Avengers) and his brothers, Zack and Jed Whedon, Dr. Horrible was made for internet distribution by people who were genuinely passionate about the songs and plot that surround it. It aimed to be low-budget yet professionally done and is very reminiscent to me of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s musical episode “Once More, With Feeling” (and there are very obvious reasons why).

That being said, Dr. Horrible is a tragi-comedy musical that surrounds said character’s attempts at entering the Evil League of Evil by performing a horrible deed that captures the attention of Bad Horse. Meanwhile, it is obvious that the true story lies with Dr. Horrible’s infatuation with Penny, the complete opposite of his evil intentions. And his hatred for his nemesis and “hero” Captain Hammer who uses Penny for his heroic performance. One can liken the dynamics of Dr. Horrible’s love to Megamind’s secret interest to reporter Roxanne Richi – or Barney Stinson’s love to, well, anyone he was actually falling in love with in How I Met Your Mother. The plot as a whole pulls at the heartstrings with the duets that Dr. Horrible and Penny share and is not without its moments of hilarity.

I suggest that you watch it on a rainy night with some good popcorn. You will be very entertained and touched for a good 42 minutes. And, since Joss Whedon has mentioned a possible sequel after he finished off his production of Avengers 2, this cult favourite will not die for a good while, so get your feet in the door while you can.

Till next time!

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