A Mixtape for the Road

4 my soundtracks - thursday

Sometimes a long distance travel is made all the better with good tunes. Some of my most calming yet thought-provoking moments involved me sitting at the backseat listening to music and looking out at the scenery pass me by. It always makes me feel like I’m in my own music video. No wonder so many music videos just show someone staring out the window at the open road and trees passing by them.

So here are a few tunes that have stood out to me because I remember them from long drives in the past, whether it was when I was heading up the mountains in Indonesia, or to the pristine and isolated beaches of Queensland, Australia, they have just stood out as songs that make me feel like I’m getting somewhere or just really good tracks for sitting back in the car:


1. The Gift – Angels & Airwaves

2. Hold on When You Get Love and Let Go When you Give It – Stars

3. She Moves In Her Own Way – The Kooks

4. Still Into You – Paramore

5. Run For Your Life – The Fray

6. Open Your Eyes – Snow Patrol

7. Big Jet Plane – Angus and Julia Stone

8. Another Sunny Day – Belle and Sebastian

9. The Summer – Josh Pyke

10. Caught in the Crowd – Kate Miller-Heidke

11. Neopolitan Dreams – Lisa Mitchell

12. The Riddle – Five for Fighting

13. Young Folks – Peter, Bjorn & John

Damn, I need to make this a real mixtape and play it on loop now that I think of it.

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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