Solo TableTalk Answers? Yes, Please.

5 tgfyv - friday

I feel like this post should be called ‘The Odd One Out on the Table Who No One Talks To So I Have My Own Conversation To My Coffee Mug’. But that’s definitely too long to fit into a title – like a majority of Fall Out Boy and Panic At the Disco song titles. But let’s start the intro proper, shall we?

I love watching #TableTalk by SourceFedNERD every week. It’s become one of my new favourite series on YouTube. Not sure whether it’s just ’cause of Steve’s awesome humour, Trish’s encouraging laugh after someone says anything remotely in the realm of funny, Meg’s sudden enthusiasm when the topic is one which she has a strong opinion on, the questions themselves, the Reddit quirky usernames, or maybe just ’cause I want to waste my time on something remotely entertaining. But yeah, #TableTalk is amazeballs for all of the above.

So today, since I don’t hit the clubs on Friday, and am just an introverted turtle here sitting in front of my computer, I’m going to give my answers to the questions posed in this episode of TableTalk:

Q1: Choose five people, fictional or otherwise, to be in your crime fighting crew.

Ans: The saddest part to this question is that I think I’ve answered it in my head before, once in a blue-speckled weird moon. Anyway, it would be Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sherlock Holmes, Hit Girl, Ellen Ripley (Alien Resurrection version) and Resident Evil’s Alice. Yes, a highly girl powered team here. And Sherlock’s almost asexuality can count him among the ladies anywho.

Q2: How has the internet influenced today’s youth in a good or bad way?

Ans: Such a GP question, which I won’t make into a (model?) essay here. Definite double-edged sword scenario: all the knowledge (albeit potentially false knowledge) you could want at the tip of your fingers, influence both good and bad, sources of inspiration and escapism and also of deviance. We can go in circles here, but, yup, add that one in there exam paper setters. See what the youth say. (Dear God, does that mean I’m not one anymore?)

Q3: If you could choose one animal to become instantly extinct, what animal would you choose and why?

Ans: Personally, I hate lizards. I would choose for them to become extinct. (Or, maybe rats, ’cause they’re just disease-carriers, right?) But the problem is that I know lizards fascinate and inspire scientists on potential limb regeneration for medical advancements … but then there are newts for that too, right? And I don’t think I mind newts too much. Well, at least they don’t crawl on my walls at night and make sex noises in random corners and fall on my head. Yup, lizards.  And not the cool huge kind, the common household kind. So long as it doesn’t change the ecosystem too much.

So, yup. Those are my answers!

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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