5 Things You Don’t Need to Worry About

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We humans love to worry a lot. Worry worry worry warts. Yup, that’s us. But I’m here to share with you 10 things I have learnt, in life, that you do not have to worry about and (hopefully) take some time out of your life that you have spent worrying to do more productive things. (You’re welcome?)

1. Don’t worry about not being a straight ‘A’ student

First, I was definitely never one. And while I do believe that it is very important to do your best in school and aim to do well in terms of grades, do not – and I repeat – do not worry yourself if you fail to be a straight ‘A’ student. Don’t worry if you’re not one and others appear to be one. Don’t worry when your parents ask you why you got this grade in this subject and not an A. While grades my attempt to judge whether an individual is intelligent through a measurement of percentage, numbers and alphabets, perfect grades does not equate a perfect individual. A person with better grades than you does not equate to them being a better person than you. And if your parents are stressing over your grades, that only means that they want the best for you, and that means that they care about you. So, in short, you needn’t worry.

2. Don’t worry if you can’t have what others have and get attention over

Come on, you know what I’m talking about: that kid in your class that always comes to school with the coolest gadgets that are paid for by their parents, or that gorgeous girl who seems to have the perfect hair and wardrobe and owns all the high-end make-up; and meanwhile, you can’t seem to catch a break working part-time and begging your parents for more money to just be able to get your fingers on something that’s come out within the last six months. Don’t worry about what they have ’cause five years down the road you won’t even remember such worries. Focus instead on yourself and your dedication to get meaningful things that you need. In the end, you’ll get something much more worthwhile than attention, you’ll learn dedication, perseverance and (not instant but even more memorable) satisfaction.

3. Don’t worry about finding someone to love you 

I’ve heard it all the time and I know that while some people never openly look for a partner, sometimes they worry and wonder to themselves, “Why not me?” or “When is it my turn?” I know it’s hard to be happy for your friends when they all start pairing up like Noah’s Ark is about to happen, and I know it’s confusing to understand how one girl can be up to her fifth boyfriend (who in your eyes is just as equally amazing as the first) but she’s still unhappy and seems to not appreciate him as much as you probably want to in such a relationship. Again, I say don’t worry about it. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, finding your best friend for life takes a lot of patience and understanding of yourself and your needs and, the longer you have to figure all this out before your first (or second) long commitment to a special someone, the better. So don’t worry. Enjoy your self-journey for the moment and learn more about how you can be a better and independent you before you begin attaching another name to your equation.

4. Don’t worry when you piss someone off

Indeed, this one is a tough one, ’cause sometimes we can’t help but be immediately ashamed of our behaviour or agitated at the person’s reactions if we vehemently believe we are not in the wrong. I know I can’t help it, ’cause I’m both a sensitive and stubborn person – which definitely does not go well for both scenarios. But alas don’t dwell on that other person’s reaction or the offence they take. The best thing to do is just apologise, resolve matters and move on to happier things. I’m sure you have learnt from your life that negativity is not something you want sitting like a grey cloud over the rest of your day. So when a situation like that happens, brush it off and make a mental note/life lesson of it, and go do what you love.

5. Don’t worry. You’re not useless. 

Everyone can make the choice of whether to sit idly through life or be proactive and attempt to make their mark, to be a bystander or a potential headline hero, to watch life or live it, but whether you have done one or the other at this point in time does not make you meaningless nor useless. ‘Cause your past does not determine your worth anymore. So instead of worrying, do something with yourself, do something that you want to do and make it worth something. Prove to yourself that you can be more than what you have been. And if what you have been was satisfactory to you so far, go ahead and do something that exceeds satisfactory next time, do something amazing.

So don’t worry. And keep smiling. Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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