5 Video Games I Grew Up With

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I wouldn’t say that I grew up as a video game addict; I was just surrounded by it thanks to my brother and his friends. There are some video games that are just incredibly nostalgic to me. So below are a list of the ones that were just that.

1. Worms Armageddon (1999)

worms armageddon-miguelsluma_kdt

I remember watching my brother’s friend, Andrew, play the original Worms on his computer while waiting for our parents to pick us up from his and his younger brother’s house. Somehow the image of worms attacking each other stuck in my mind as one of the first video games that I ever saw as a kid and I remember at that time I was incredibly enthralled by all of it. The snark remarks they made, the cute responses they had when they were hit just made me keep my eyes glued to the screen. Who would have thought that worms could be so entertaining? Watching it being played now is just not the same.

2. Rampage 2: Universal Tour (1999)


Rampage definitely brings back a whole lot of memories for me as it was one of our (my brother and I’s) favourite games when we got our first console, the Playstation. My brother and I would select either Boris or Curtis and spend the afternoon punching windows and munching on people. We never made it that far though but we had fun just replaying the Salt Lake City and Denver levels again and again.

3. Pokemon Blue Version (1998)


Yup, I was one of those 90’s kids that grew up with a Game Boy and played with the original 150 pokemon, where the credits roll when you beat the Elite Four and Ash’s nemesis, Gary. Before there were so many legendary trios that you could no longer name them all and too many pokemon for you to recall at the top of your head. I originally played the game on my brother’s Game Boy, which was a black and white version, but soon enough it was clear that I had started hogging it too much to train my pokemon (squirtle was always my starter) that I had to get my own. So I was so happy when I got my own Game Boy and even more ecstatic when it was one of the “Color” ones that it practically ate up so much of my time. This is the exact version of the one I had:


Worse still, when my brother managed to get the emulator on PC three years ago, I got hooked on it again, this time the Fire Red version. I think in total I have beaten the Elite Four at least ten times. And yes, I do know all the original 150 pokemon – and probably still remember their types, strengths and weaknesses. I did play the beginning half of the gold and silver enough to know a few of the pokemon after the 150, but not that many. And now, I’ve given up. Pokemon Blue will always be my first Pokemon game love of my childhood – though I doubt it will always remain there, since I do have a bad habit of picking it up and playing it again.

4. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002)


I think around the time my brother got the Playstation 2 I became a lot more familiar with certain video games. So it was definitely difficult to choose between said GTA, the Tony Hawk series, the WWE series, Madden NFL and a whole bunch of other favourites. I think GTA stood out the most for my brother and I as a childhood favourite due to the songs on the radio (Emotion 98.3) when Tommy’s just riding in a car on a long road – or in a helicopter trying to find the edge/boundary/limit of the map e.g. Mr. Mister – Take These Broken Wings and Foreigner – Waiting for a Girl Like You. We’d sing a long, even now, to the awesome melodies. One of our favourite pastimes would be to rile up innocent bystanders but not get caught by the cops. This game just has so many memories attached to it.

5. Burnout Revenge (2005)


I think the main reason why this game stands out also among the PS2 pack is because I was just too good at the Road Rage and Crash parts of the game. My brother would always play the races and then he’d hand it over to me to demolish the competition in the Road Rage section. And I’ve done them all, “takedown”, “crashbreaker” and “revenge takedown”. I also loved the soundtrack to the game which featured my favourite bands Yellowcard and Fall Out Boy (I also loved it even more that you got to choose which songs you wanted to play and which ones you didn’t). Whenever one of their songs (like Lights And Sounds) started playing during a race I’d instantly get pumped. The music just put me in the mood to crash cars. And it’s safe to say that this game was my stress-reliever during those horrible angsty puberty days.

So, there you go! A quick run through of the games that have influenced me up till I was a teenager. And also a quick look at the consoles that I’ve been exposed to. And, so that I can make it clear, these games never influenced me in a negative way, it never made my grades slip or make me turn to violence or deviant behaviour. All they ever did was help me bond better with my brother, with the friends that came around to play with us, to help relieve some of the stress that I faced during my life as a child and to overall provide a lot more laughs in my life.

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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