Where will Glee head without Cory?

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Cory’s death has resulted in much speculation as to what will happen to his character, Finn, on Glee. There is no doubt that Ryan Murphy, the creator of Glee, will ensure that Cory’s death is given recognition on the show, whether it be a reunion or covers of his most well-known songs:

Glee Season 5 will include a Cory Monteith tribute led by Lea Michele, according to speculations. Gleek creator Ryan Murphy is expected to honor Cory’s memory through songs he popularised in the show. – Business Times

However, this is apart from the actual plot of Glee. The big question and dread on many Gleeks’ minds right now is what will happen to Finn the character now that the actor so dearly loved and attached to the role is gone. Here are the options the Glee writers and producers are left with:

1. Recasting


I present the most improbable and hated (among fans) option first. Recasting has happened in many series however it is often in the beginning of the series rather than after such a long period of time like Glee’s, and often in hopes of a better fit for the role, which is a completely different case for Finn who was built around the characteristics of Cory.

The advantage of this choice (but at high risk) is that the writers will not have to change much of their plans for Finn’s character. Finn and Rachel can still end up together, Finn can still become a teacher and help out the Glee club and, hopefully, fans will grow to love the new Finn.

However, the risks in this case are far greater. The role, regardless of how similar the new actor may attempt to shape it, will not be as well-loved; the new Finn will definitely not have the same singing voice, the same mannerisms, the same humour. Lea Michele will obviously not take it well, having to develop a connection with the new Finn, a character whom she so intimately attaches with her ex-fiance. Knowing her, she has the professional skills to try and pull it off, but fans will definitely not buy into the forced chemistry.


So, as far as recasting goes, my guess is that Ryan Murphy is far more considerate and sensitive to the issue to recast. In circumstances like these, recasting Finn would be just disrespectful to everyone who knew and loved him.

2. Finn takes his leave as well

This option is far more possible, as sad as it may sound. And there are many ways in which the writers can attempt this.

The first is a departure of Finn that does not relate to death,  one in which he moves elsewhere so that fans can still pretend that Finn the character is still alive, living happily somewhere else, such as an amazing opportunity to study abroad, or he’s sent to return to the army where he was discharged too early. This option will mean that Finn is essentially still alive in the plot, but will also mean that the topic of Cory’s death will be brushed aside. Something I’m not entirely looking forward to if this does happen.

The other option is to reciprocate Cory’s death with Finn’s death, e.g. a car accident or a plane crash while he was on his way to visit Rachel in New York, probably to surprise her during her casting for Funny Girl. This will allow the cast to commemorate his death in a respectful fashion, the entire cast reunited to commemorate him.


Glee has been known to tackle difficult issues. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ryan Murphy allows the audience to see the stripped, vulnerable and relatable emotion of loss that the cast must be feeling now. This sort of event will probably stretch and affect a lot of the other plots within the series.

3. The End of Glee itself

I know many haters of Glee have been unwittingly joking that Cory’s death will hopefully result in the end of Glee, but one still must question whether his death will inevitably result in Glee coming to its final season. How willing will Lea be to continue this series? How much inspiration is left with the writers in keeping the episodes fresh?

After all, how far can Glee progress with such a strong and anchoring character like Finn gone? Especially since the bridging of season 3 and 4 still relies on Finn’s presence and support. Will Glee have to revamp itself into a new TV series after this season is over?

All these questions are left to be answered once the new season of Glee begins in September or, as news has been speculating, in November (if it gets pushed back due to news of Cory’s unexpected death).

In the meantime, as a watcher of Glee, one can only have faith that deliberation is progressing with much tact and respect during this difficult time.

Till next time!

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3 thoughts on “Where will Glee head without Cory?

  1. Honestly, I think a recast is a viable option. I love Cory as Finn, but I knew nothing about Cory until his death. Didn’t follow the cast at all. I would hate to see Finn sacrificed for Cory’s tragic mistakes. Finn was the most decent character on the show. He was the negotiator, the brdge for the different cliques, and he was the one who saw the goodness in Rachel and Quinn Quinn. His character was one of the only reasons I tried to keep watching Season 4. The jock who comes to realize that he does have ambitions and worth. Achel in NY was far too predictable. Makes a splash, new guy, and a shot at Broadway by season’s end.

    They could pull a Desperate Housewives and skip a few years so Finn is a new teacher and new Glee Asst. Coach. Give him a love interest on the faculty and butt heads with Will as much as Sue. Have Rachel enjoy a brief Broadway success, but maybe have some new realities of the cost and fickleness of instant stardom.

    • Thanks for your feedback! And yes, you made some good points there, Angela. I really would hate to see Finn the character go as well. 🙂

      I personally wouldn’t mind a recast of Finn (too much – it really depends on who replaces him) but looking at the culture of Glee, where they would rather eliminate characters than recast, it’s less likely to happen.

      • The culture of Glee is a bit of a mystery for me. From the beginning the producers said that Glee would be reinvented every year and that like high school, new people would take center stage. Shows like ER, Grey’s Anatomy, and Fame excelled at having cast members come and go yet the stories stayed interesting.

        With Glee, a few new characters were added, but none stole any real attention from Rachel, Finn, Kurt, and the rest of the originals. Season 4 felt like they lost direction. The show became split between NY and Lima. Rachel without Finn and Co to moderate her ego became so grating and unlikable that I FF through her scenes. Rachel’s world wasn’t about Glee and it didn’t have the quirky innocence of high school.

        The cynic in me says that Finn will die and there will an emotional reunion for his funeral as a ratings grab aimed to bring back in old viewers who have left the show. The question is what happens the next week? Bringing back the originals will only remind me how uninvested(if that’s a word) I am with the new Glee members.

        The optimist in me hopes they can find a way to reboot the show and get back to the core of Glee, but I don’t hold out much hope. With Finn, the show wasn’t firing on all cylinders anymore. Without Finnn, I just don’t the show going past season 5.

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