Top 5 Favourite Youtube Released Videos Today

5 tgfyv - friday

Friday is an awesome day to just hang out on Youtube. Probably because some of my most loved channels and series release awesome content on this day. I think I went into fangirl mode early this morning when there were too many videos I wanted to watch being churned out on my Subscribed list. So here’s a top 5 of what has just been released today. At least one will get you talking, and at least one is just me and my crazy indulgence with certain Youtube niches.

So in no particular order other than which one I watched the earliest:

1. LetsPlay‘s VS Episode 20 – Ryan Vs Jack

They play Doom II in this one and I have to say that it is one of the most intense and close matches I’ve seen out of all the versus they’ve done in this series. I was definitely rooting for Ryan all the way.

2. TheFineBros‘s YouTubers React to K-pop

I knew this one was coming when the Fine Brothers announced it on their vlog and I have to say I wasn’t really looking forward to it (’cause I’m just not a k-pop fan). I knew my brother would definitely be waiting out for it though, ’cause he is a Girls Generation and Running Man fanatic. Basically anything Korean he goes crazy for. But I have to say that watching Meg Turney fangirl, Philip get utterly confused, Tyler find a new love and Anthony and Ian mishear “I Got a Boy” was really entertaining. I watched it twice in a row. And watching it again now. Damn it.

3. CartoonHangover‘s Sugarbellies (Bravest Warriors – Ep. 12 Season 1 on Cartoon Hangover)

I was honestly going to do a review of this today, but then I decided against it. ‘Cause, although I absolutely loved the Sugarbellies (their beautiful singing voices), and Bravest Warriors does have awesomely random endings, I spent the vast majority of this episode completely lost. Was expecting the first episode back to at least address the mysterious door that was meant for Beth … got gibberish in return. Well, you got to love Cartoon Hangover for that.

4. xRpMx13‘s GLGcraft part 215

This is definitely more of a niche thing. But after watching Ryan’s GLGcraft SPEEDBUILD SPECIAL! Mushroom House! the day before, I was just waiting for more content after it. Plus, Laine returns in this one.

5. RageGamingVideos‘ Minecraft Quick Build Challenge – Four Way Battle: Card Games!

And – definitely another niche one. But I always look forward to the quick build challenges during the end of the week. This one was no different. And I think, unlike many other quick builds lately, this one actually had good, serious builders in it. But there is an obvious winner here (*psst* Vote 4). 🙂

You certainly don’t have to subscribe to these channels if you don’t want to. But these are just a few of the channels I keep actively looking forward to and watching. So, if you don’t mind me, it’s time for me to choose whether to watch Let’s Play – GTA IV – Cannon Ball Run or Ninja Turtles Porn and Sourcefed’s National Anthem! #TableTalk now. (#whatismylife)

Till next time! TGFYV!

cumuloq ❤

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