Youtube A-Z Challenge

5 tgfyv - friday

At first I considered doing this only with Youtube Minecrafters (’cause frankly I think I could …) but I didn’t want to end up scaring away some of my readers. So this is a nice little test, firstly to reflect how I am scarily over-exposed to the Youtube community this past year and secondly to maybe expose those who are looking for Youtubers to follow a list of potential candidates. So, let’s start shall we?

Note: This is all done at the top of my head, I did not research any of them. I will count either their real names or their Youtube account names. They must all come from the youtubers I am already subscribed to. Oh, and gifs, gifs included randomly.

A: Alex Goot
B: Bryarly Bishop 
C: CaptainSparklez (Jordan Maron)
D: Dave Days
E: Elliott Morgan

F: Fleur De Force
G: Gavin Free
H: hchsknights08 (Alyssa Bernal)
I: Ian Hecox
J: JacksGap

K: Kina Grannis
L: Luke Conard
M: Marcus Butler
N: Nick Pitera
O: Olivia Cockerham

P: PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg)
Q: Quentin ‘Husky’ (or HuskyMUDKIPZ)
R: Rage (Josh Bell)
S: Sprinkleofglitter (Louise Pentland)
T: Tanya Burr

U: UberHaxorNova (James Wilson)
V: vlogbrothers (John Green and Hank Green)
W: WatchUsLiveAndStuff (Anthony Padilla and Kalel Cullen)
X: xRpMx13 (Ryan McNulty)
Y: YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon
And last but not least .. Z: Zoe Sugg


I hope you guys discovered some awesome people here. And till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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