Finn’s Fate on Glee Finally Revealed by Writers

Speedy Recap: Finn’s character will be “written out” on the third episode of this season of Glee. It will be closely related to the topic of drugs. The songs involved will center around Finn’s past loved songs. The Glee cast will be taking a hiatus to deal with the traumatic event. And Glee is realising its own fate: it may soon come to an end after this or the next season due to the end of many characters’ story arcs.

As for my own opinion, I do see a lot of my predictions for Glee coming into fruition. (This however does not make me happy about it – Cory’s death was just not one that was meant to happen.) I respect and believe that this is the proper path of Glee which has had a good running while it lasted, but was inevitably petering out after Rachel Berry graduated.

Hopefully Ryan, the creator of Glee, can learn and take pride in this project and move on to better/other ones in the future. Hopefully with some of his favourite and familiar Glee actors in tow *cough* *cough* Lea Michele.

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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