You Know, “That Song”

2 childlike ideals - tuesday

I’m sure you’ve experienced it before some time in your life. You’ve listened to something maybe so consistently at one point in your life that, when you’re put in a silent room – or you’re lying in bed at night, you swear that music suddenly plays – whether it be a short sound or an entire soundtrack. For me, I think I had it bad when I was playing Pokemon Blue.

It’s this soundtrack that I would here randomly at random intervals of the day. I’d swear I’d hear Nurse Joy healing my pokemon to full health, playing slots in Celadon City, the pokedex scrolling sound, or a battle beginning. Whichever sound it was, it was in this below video.

So here’s me filing it into my blog for record – and probably good measure that these tunes from my childhood will not be forgotten any time soon. And for those who have just spent the past years getting them out of your head, I apologise (I’m not sorry!)

Till next time, 

cumuloq ❤


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