Top 5 Youtube Geek Week Videos

5 tgfyv - friday

“I don’t understand you, Geek Week.” That seems to be my overall comment for Youtube’s Geek Week. ‘Cause if this is Geek Week, my Geek Week for Youtube is just every single day of every week of every month of every year. And it’s somehow better.

Apart from some sparse awesome content, there’s just some videos I turn to that is just awkward, and questionable – which is really sad ’cause I can tell they put a lot of effort into it (e.g. Geek Week Interactive Adventure – which is not interactive and is more like playing a video game with a predetermined plot, i.e. beat the final boss, get killed anyway).

But, instead of just harping on the bad, I thought I’d just collate some of the minor good and dump them down here. So here is the better stuff of Youtube’s Geek Week (personal opinion, definitely biased):

5. YouTube at WAR! Epic Video Game BATTLE! Geek Week! by machinima

With behind-the-scenes: click here. Obviously a collaboration of gamers is a win. But an even greater win for it is if it has at least a handful of gamers I know. And this video has done it. Definitely, I’d love to see more of my favourites grouped together – I think Machinima lost the opportunity to do an enormous Minecrafters battle this week. But putting some together in this video is alright with me.

4. Geek Week: Brainiac Tuesday – What Do You Know About Science? by Rooster Teeth

For the most part, I think Gavin did pretty well. It would be funny if they did this to more of the Rooster Teeth crew. But if they did have to choose, Burnie and Gavin is a solid pair.

3. Elders React to Grand Theft Auto V (Geek Week) by TheFineBros 

I have a feeling that the Fine Brothers have more up their sleeves than just an Elders react to video games. I’m hoping either the Teens, Kids, or Youtubers React will trump this one. But this is a solid react video that beats a lot of the other material out there for Geek Week. Please, please, Fine Brothers, make a reaction video to the opening of The Last of Us. I’m waiting for it to happen this week.

2. Special Video Game Edition of #TableTalk! by SourceFedNERD

Table Talk is always awesome. But when Table Talk talks video games, I’m in heaven! 🙂

1. DramaBug Catbug Minisode – Geek Week Premiere on Cartoon Hangover by CartoonHangover

And may I add to this, Bee and PuppyCat – Geek Week Premiere, as they are both from the same channel. I think I watched this video about five times already. And I just might need to change my ringtone from “I’m Catbug!” to “I loooooveeee you!” soon. Too cute. And definitely the best thing to come out of Geek Week.

So, I might have missed out on some awesome material. So if you’ve seen some videos that have the Geek Week tag that you think beat my list (I’m sure there are some), do let me know! 😀

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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