Weekly Update: One Year Six Months, A Slow-Mo Water Balloon Fight and Thor

7 the rest - sunday

The weekends are over! Nooooooo. And I’m mostly upset ’cause my free preview of cable television channels is ending today. Well, at least I got to record a few of the movies I missed in cinemas over the years (another way to save money on movies, isn’t it?) Among the few that I recorded included Captain AmericaCars 2Sharknado (yeah ..), and Hugo. Also, thanks to the advice of a friend, I’ve added my URL to all my banners.

So, here’s a quick recap of all that I’ve blogged about this week (you can probably just scroll down for it but, hey, there’s no shame in me summing up the week).

Monday I showed you a bunch of cute puppies from Reddit, Tuesday I added the entire Red and Blue Pokemon Game’s soundtrack to my blog archives, Wednesday I listed down a few (hopefully helpful) tips on how to save money on movies, Thursday had me looking through Youtube for remix songs like you’ve never heard them before and Friday was another revision of Geek Week Youtube Videos. Last but not least, yesterday I showed you a poem of mine in reverse, and reversed/editted it again.

I think, I need a break. So here’s another list: my weekly favourites.

1. Song of the Week: One Year Six Months (Acoustic) by Yellowcard

I think Monday saw a lot of Yellowcard fans staying up late into the night and early in the morning on Youtube listening to the new acoustic album by their favourite band. Thanks to my different time zone, I managed to wake up nicely and have them all laid out nicely for me. This one is definitely my favourite off the album. The addition of the piano definitely solidifies how beautiful this song is. And, since Yellowcard pretty much dominated my music history this week, this song won, hands down.

2. Youtube Video of the Week: Geek Week – Slow Motion Water Balloon Fight with 1500 people Starring Freddie

In salute to RTX’s first met-up where Geoff’s daughter, Millie, instigated the first water balloon on her own father (good job), Gavin and Dan decided that this year RTX would have a momentous water fight with 1500 fans. I don’t know what was more satisfying, Gavin’s signature “Bollocks!” as the first balloon was thrown, or Dan getting hit in slow motion by a water balloon in the ear. Either way, this was a solid Geek Week video (that I sadly forgot to add to the Friday list). And here is the Behind the Scenes video footage.

3. Trailer of the Week: Thor: The Dark World

Thanks to free preview channels on TV, I got to watch Thor again and somehow this made me all the more excited about the sequel. For those who have heard, Marvel has already planned its movie franchise till the year 2021 (Source). As a fan of the Avengers but not a reader of the comics, I’m interested to see how Thor’s universe is integrated and associated with the rest of the heroes. It’s his universe that I’m more interested in than the other heroes. Maybe for the strange reason that I’m interested in mythology and sci-fi more than heroes on earth – and maybe that’s just the reason why Superman intrigues me (but always disappoints me when he is translated onto the big screen).

Well, that’s it for me this week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! And, although you may hate it, have a great start to your week.

Oh! And before I forget, I’m currently at 99 followers, which I think is an incredible feat ’cause I didn’t know that blogging could get me followers in the first place. So, this means I probably have to wrack my brain for some interesting content once I hit 100 followers. It may not be a big number to some people, but somehow I feel like I owe people who decide to follow and read my posts something special. 😀

Thank you to all those who do read my posts every now and then. I am watching back and paying attention.

So till next time,

cumuloq ❤


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