Pokemon Favourites List

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I feel like lately Pokemon has returned into my life. Now, that sounds dramatic, but it’s kinda (pathetically) true. My brother’s been replaying Pokemon Yellow on his tablet, I’ve been hooked on xXSlyFoxHoundXx‘s Minecraft Daily series with the mod, Pixelmon, and there’s been a return of Pokemon thanks to the new Pokemon X and Y.

So I thought this post was apt for an appearance, especially since it seemed to have a foreshadowing of it in last week’s post of “childlike ideals”. Here I’ll list out all my favourites in Pokemon – but this definitely within the limits of first and second gen.

1. Favourite Character: Sabrina

Sabrina was honestly my favourite character in Pokemon. There’s something very alluring about her psychic powers. She was able to bend spoons when she was younger. Plus I loved how complex her story was in the television show with her split-personality, her creepy obsession with dolls – that she turned her mother into a doll. If there was any character in Pokemon that I would easily want to step into the role of it would be her. Probably just to get a psychological forecast of this girl.

2. Favourite City: Celadon City


Celadon City is definitely a favourite. It has the awesomely tall department store, the game corner where I actually have dedicated game play time to win the polygon, and honestly one of the prettiest gyms with the grass-type trainers and gym leader, Erika. Also, at this stage of the journey, you begin to really feel like you’re taking control of your pokemon. Since the stones are accessible to you, you can choose what you want to turn your eevee into. And if you want to evolve any other pokemon, like pikachu, you can. There are also some crucial plot points in this city, including the team rocket hideout.

3. Favourite Pokemon: Mew


Sadly I never got to catch this #151 pokemon at the end of the original game, after beating the Elite Four – but maybe it was apt. I loved mew because of the ideals it held during the original Pokemon Movie. Unlike mewtwo, mew was the epitome of everything good in pokemon. It believes in harmony while mewtwo was bent on battle and that pokemon should overthrow humans. Plus, it was so small and sounded so adorable, yet it packed a powerful punch in it with its ancient power. A close favourite is dragonair.

So, after this is all done, I’d like to ask you what your favourites are and what other favourites do you have from the game. How far did you make it into the generations before you gave up? And for those who are interested, I added links at the bottom of this article of the new X and Y mega evolutions.

Till next time,

cumuloq ❤


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