6 Kinds of TV Show Couples I Ship

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Shipping, derived from the word relationship, is the belief that two characters, fictional or non-fictional, would be interesting or believable (or are, or will be, or should be) in a romantic relationship. – Faithful Wiki

I thought the above definition would cover any attempt of me looking like a drunk guppy out of water trying to explain it. I thought this would be apt because I realised (maybe to my horror) that I do “ship” certain couples. Maybe not as vehemently as some fangirls do, but there are definitely some potential couples I look at and go “hmm, they would make beautiful babies together” – or something of that nature. Oh, and especially since lately one of my “ships” has actually come into life (*cough* Zalfie).

So here are some TV show characters that are definitely a better love story than Twilight – and, sometimes, chocolate ice-cream:

1. The OTP kind: Toby and Spencer in Pretty Little Liars


OTP, short for “One True Pairing”- by deeming a Ship your OTP, you have declared that you have really strong emotions for it, perhaps that you feel that the characters involved in that relationship are meant for each other above all other relationships you may put them in. – Wiki again

If there was any TV couple that I can classify as my OTP, this one is it. There are a thousand things to love about this relationship of theirs. Firstly, they started spending time over scrabble (that’s like a straight win in my books):

Secondly, they’ve somehow managed to stay together despite the high amounts of tension in this crazy television show. They’re honestly the most interesting couple to watch ’cause of how directly they’re involved with A. I won’t spoil any scenes here.

Thirdly, from the amount of times they have hurt each other though, the look at the Toby always gives Spencer always reminds me of the look my boyfriend gives me when he’s heartbroken, and somehow I have a soft spot for that. And that just makes me relate to Spencer a lot more. Oh, and another plus is that they both have personalities that I love.

2. The Forbidden Love Kind: Ned and Chuck in Pushing Daisies


It’s kind of tragic that this show didn’t last long before it was taken off the air, ’cause there was definitely something magical about Ned and Chuck.

Their relationship is definitely an odd one due to Ned’s gift: he has the ability to raise the dead. Once he touches something it comes back to life, but if he touches it again it returns to death. So it’s definitely a bittersweet situation when he brings his first girl crush and kiss, Chuck, back to life and not be able to hold her hand or kiss her. Maybe that’s why this one is so “shippable” (here’s me making up words from already made up terms). Fangirls can relate to loving a guy and being unable to come into physical contact with him – probably due to a restraining order, but still.

What I also loved about this relationship is that thanks to these circumstances, the writers have cute little ways in which Ned and Chuck are forced to share their love for one another, like holding their own hands and pretending that they’re holding each others, or cling-wrap kisses, or glass walls between one another but a gloved hole so they can touch hands.

3. The Tragic Kind: Tyrion and Shae in Game of Thrones


When I first saw these two together I thought the beginning of their banter was pretty cliche, one trying to outwit the other. But as the episodes went on, there was something incredibly tender about the way Tyrion cared for her and wanted to protect her. For a man who loves his brothel girls, he loved Shae more. Spoiler but it’s sad that they did not last longer. But then again, nothing in Game of Thrones does.

4. The Highly Experimental Kind: Ryder and Marley in Glee


I might get Glee hate here – after all, there are so many couples I could choose from, but for that brief moment when Marley was still undecided, I liked the idea of Marley and Ryder together. After all, Ryder was the one who knew what she would like when Jake asked her out, he was the one who played the good guy and stepped aside for Jake and while I do like Jake’s character, I feel like the Ryder and Marley pair would have been a whole lot less awkward.

5. The End Game Kind: Ross and Rachel in Friends


Like how we wait for Ted Mosby to meet his wife, and how Finn and Rachel are were supposed to end up together, we pretty much knew as the seasons went on that Ross and Rachel were end game – we were just waiting for that moment to happen in the scripts. I don’t think you can get a more classic and well-known couple as Ross and Rachel (although I think Cory and Topanga from Boy Meets World can put up tough competition).

6. The Ship Before Ships Kind: Clark and Lana in Smallville


And here’s the one that I just remember how perfect they were back in the days. (And ’cause, thanks to how perfect they were, I can never watch Clark and Lois together, ever). I think I shipped these two before I even knew what shipping was. And that’s why I shall title this bonus one “the ship before ships”.

Yes, I know, it kind of ruins logic when some of the ones above are before the time of shipping, but I think this was the one I legitimately shipped before shipping came about – like I literally made my own montage videos of them together and put them up on Youtube during the early days before copyright restrictions would probably savagely tear them off the site today.

So here they are, six of my ships from television shows. There are probably a lot more that I’m not listing down, such as those TV shows that have like a dozen ships in them (One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, what have you). But that’s only because it’s these ships that I remember the most. And, come on, you can have millions of lists with Elena and Damon on it, but probably not a lot who will acknowledge the beautiful existence of Ned and Chuck.

So till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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