The Formula to the Perfect Mix?

4 my soundtracks - thursday

I was scrolling down my tumblr and I came across this post (for main source click on the photo):


And I thought, why not? So here’s me following the formula. Let’s see if it makes for a good rounded mix.

And since this song list needs to be dedicated to a particular person, I thought I’d dedicate this one to my awesome friend in Texas to whom I’ve never understood her music taste, but will gladly attempt to with this mixtape. (Just like I did when I gave her a mixtape when as a farewell and good luck present.) So here it is.

1. Laserlight – Jessie J feat David Guetta
2. Don’t You Worry Child (Cover) – Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider
3. Love the Way You Lie (Part 2) – Rihanna feat Eminem
4. Me and My Girls – Fifth Harmony
5. Since U Been Gone – Pitch Perfect
6. For the Longest Time – Glee
7. Baby (Cover) – Kina Grannis
8. Video Killed the Radio Star – The Buggles
9. White Wine in the Sun (Cover) – Kate Miller-Heidke
10. Three Flights Up (Instrumental) – Yellowcard

I opened all these songs and made them into a playlist on Youtube. It might not make much sense and honestly turned out a bit too eclectic for my liking, but I hope she likes nonetheless.

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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