DeFranco Proposes!

1 silver lining - monday

I thought I’d like to say something before I proceed, so that I can circle back to the relevance of this post for my Monday Silver Linings. Being in a relationship is tough – a lot of rom-com movies will deceive you into thinking otherwise. They’ll make you think that the hardest part is getting in a relationship. But it’s not true. A lot of the tough situations come after you realise that your special other person is only human.

But here is the silver lining, at the end of the day, whether you’ve shouted at each other crazy and broken each other’s hearts too many times to count, if that person matters, you’ll know, and you won’t leave them and you’ll work it out. And sometime down the line, you have to admit to yourself, that that person is the one.

And I think this story plays out this realisation:

And a year or so later, just yesterday, this happened:

I wish Phil and Lindsay all the best in their relationship together!

And till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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