Playlist for the Broken-Hearted Musical Lover

4 my soundtracks - thursday

Sitting in the grand theatre, staring down at the stage where a small spot of a young teenage girl is pouring her heart out in song  – you can’t help but feel chills down your spine and goosebumps up your arm. There is nothing more dramatic and heart-wrenching than a beautiful solo from the stage of Broadway. So for those suffering from a broken heart, unrequited love, or just looking to hear a tragic melody these songs are definitely a quick fix.


‘Cause face it, you die a little like Eponine, Kim or Elphaba when you’re placed in a world where your good is not good enough and all you feel like doing is breaking out in song (and yet you never have the range or tone to achieve it).

1. On My Own – Les Miserables
2. I’m Not That Girl – Wicked
3. Now That I’ve Seen Her – Miss Saigon
4. If I Can’t Love Her – Beauty and the Beast
5. You Must Love Me – Evita
6. Out Here on My Own – Fame
7. The Coolest Girl – A Very Potter Sequel
8. The Way I Do – Starship

Or, alternatively, I guess a movie musical marathon would be just as amazing for an emotional break-up day or PMS day – what have you. Ice-cream and chips included. Or, you can cry due to the fact that your favourite musicals aren’t made into movies yet. Or, you could cry out in the comment section that I haven’t chosen your favourite musical break-up/unrequited love song – at which I would like to apologise ’cause my Broadway vocabulary isn’t as amazing as I wish it could be.

So till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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