4 of My Favourite Dance Videos on Youtube

5 tgfyv - friday

Yay, the weekend is on the horizon! Thank goodness, ’cause I’m pretty much done feeling like a grown-up and having grown-up conversations and making grown-up decisions about work and money and finance and future plans and stuff. Decisions hurt my head.

So TGFYV! And today’s nothing anything really – what the heck are those three words doing together – special. So I thought I’d just randomly share some of my favourite dance videos that can be found on Youtube! 😀

1. Zendaya and Val doing the Argentina Tango on Dancing With the Stars

I don’t know why, but last night I just got hooked on watching all of Zendaya and Val’s routines on Dancing With the Stars Season 16. And no I did not watch it all the way till 6am in the morning. Okay, that’s a lie.

2. Chloe and Maddie’s Duet of Inside of Me

I’ve been addicted to watching Dance Moms – maybe less so for the mummy drama and more for the dances that they show at the end of the episodes. My favourite dancer has to be Maddie, ’cause sometimes you can’t separate the mother from the daughter but in the case of Maddie you can see that she dances because she loves to dance. Also, I know it’s pathetic, but I’m jealous of the amount of talent these little kids have. I said it.

3. Melanie and Marko’s Lyrical Hip-Hop Routine 

This has definitely got to be one of my favourite duets from So You Think You Can Dance. Partially cause of how amazing this couple were on the show together, and the concept of the dance – and the choreography. If there is one dance I usually show my friends, it is this one.

4. Eric Luna and Georgia Ambarian’s Pirates of the Caribbean Routine 

If there was one stunning routine by professionals that just takes my breath away and shows me the amazing standard dance can be at, it is this one. There is just something about the couple’s strength, flexibility and elegance that just makes me get goosebumps all over. And if there was any video I’d suggest readers to watch, it would be this.

So I hope you enjoy this post, if dance is your thing. I tried to put in a range of stuff, although I do prefer my contemporary pieces.

And enjoy your weekends! Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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