Be Gunter the Penguin

1 silver lining - monday

Mondays, we meet again. If you’re having a terrible day, people getting you down, things just not going your way, (unintentional terrible rhymes appearing in your sentences), then maybe this might cheer you up.

Some people may say that we get too old for cartoons – but for me, I can definitely see myself still watching them at thirty years old, unsupervised by children. Sometimes the best thing to do to unwind in the evenings is to not watch hard-hitting dramas on TV (’cause real-life creates enough politics and drama for a day), but to watch a cartoon. Even a few seconds of it, just to make you grin without realising it, is good enough.

‘Cause in dramas, people are self-conscious of themselves, they worry too much, they worry about things that just really shouldn’t be worried about. In cartoons, the characters are shameless; they’re wacky and random and crazy and unpredictable; they’re brave and heroic and caring.

Sometimes, as adults, we can learn more from cartoons than we can from reality TV. E.g. from the above scene, we can learn that if someone wants to “steal our souls”, we need to fight back and make them understand that we are who we are for a reason. And that sometimes the biggest respect we can get from others is through our resistance to conform to their stereotypes.

So for today, and for the rest of this week, I implore you: be Gunter the penguin.

Gunter and Ice King comments
Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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