My Watch Later List is Empty!


I thought I’d put this on the blog to share the moment. ‘Cause this is the first time in .. a while.

Ever since December – or January – my Watch Later List has just been packed. I think during my exam period, it was at its worse, with at least 30-50 videos in it (but I think I should put the majority of that blame on CaptainSparklez’s Let’s Play series – which I just spammed all the videos I have yet to watch into the Watch Later list).

But, look at what all my (lazy ass) effort has amounted to: an empty Watch Later list. I don’t know whether to feel proud or absolutely guilty. The only thing I feel at the moment is hungry, really.

Why is this a feat? Somehow, as I’ve probably mentioned before on my blog I am just not comfortable when this list dwindles down to zero. I’m okay with having only a few. Actually, less than ten makes me feel great, ’cause it shows that I’ve caught up with a lot of saved content, but still have more to look at when I get the opportunity. Sadly, I can’t deal with it empty.

But, I’ve been recovering. It’s been at only one or two videos for a while these past few days. This either suggests that I’m finally getting more choosy and particular about how to occupy my time (and understanding that some videos are just a complete waste of my time) – or the Youtubers I follow (which is a lot) are just not uploading as much content now as they did during the summer holidays (understandable).

So, yeah, that was a lot longer post than need be.

Till next time! (Ohh, that’s what I used to say – not ‘See you later’ – scratch that side comment on my last post)

cumuloq ❤


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