Weekly Update: Adventure Club, Prop Hunt and Pixelmon Noob

7 the rest - sunday

Hi fellow readers and writers and followers and friends, it’s Sunday!

A bittersweet day where you can still relax and have fun, but you can feel Monday slowly creeping up on you like a little brother about to pull a terrible prank – or a boss breathing down on your neck for deadlines. So let’s just reminisce on the week that has passed instead, shall we?

I’ve been a little more active this week on my blog. Of course, Tuesdays and Wednesdays posts have been absent for a while now and I want to apologise for those who enjoy those categories.

Actually, you know what, let me know down in the comments if you do really want me to put in something in those categories! Suggest a topic for those days if you want to! I’m always happy to try and meet your requests. E.g. suggest that I review a particular movie that you think I should watch, or you want to watch (of course, within my limits – I can’t jump to the future and review Thor 2: The Dark World).

For the meantime, let’s get to my favourites for this week:

1. Song of the Week: Adventure Club ft. Yuna – Gold

I guess I’m going a bit out there this week. I had half a mind to make this week’s song, Ariana Grande – Baby I, but then I realised that a lot of you guys probably know that music video was out and maybe too mainstream. So I decided to go more techno. Plus, for all those looking for something to study to or just listen to on your long commute, I think this song is just so soothing and relaxing. So maybe this is a great song for you to get through this coming week. Listening to it now while I type out this post.

2. Youtube Video of the Week: Pewdiepie’s BEST HIDING SPOT EVER! – Prop Hunt #7

In this case, I was going to put AH’s Let’s Play – Cloudberry Kingdom Part 2 but I thought I gave that video enough promotion on Friday (and it did not disappoint). But this one was definitely a surprise and a great laugh. If you don’t know, Prop Hunt is very similar to the classic Hide and Seek game. It is where you choose an item to be and your objective as a prop is to hide from the seeker and not get shot by them. On the other hand, the objective of the seeker is to kill all the props. Oh, and another close runner-up for this title this week was the Reddit topper, Fake Professor on the First Day PRANK — CHAMBER BOYS.

3. Let’s Play Series of the Week: Juicetra’s Pixelmon Noob Series

This is a new category I thought I would add, ’cause I get addicted to so many different LP series every week. This week I’m hooked on Pixelmon Noob. I’ve been watching Ryan (xRpMx13)’s viewpoint of this series but I realised I probably need a different perspective – ’cause, you know, I’m just greedy. Or, more like watching Ryan is sometimes like watching a 5-year-old play with shape blocks and he just keeps throwing them at the wall. I think, personally, I appreciate Marc’s style of commentating and learning Pixelmon better. He may start off as a “noob”, but he seems to have a steeper learning curve and admits to his faults more. Love both Youtubers regardless though. No hate.

Lastly, no new trailers of the week this time round. I’ve seen a couple of trailers – but they’re just all awful, just absolutely awful. I don’t know why they’re just going down the drain recently. Even Gravity, which probably has potential to be a great movie, has just the worst sounding trailer ever, like Sandra Bullock’s giving birth in space. So yeah, I shall not entertain any of that – except aforementioned Gravity.

So, till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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