9 Random Things That Make Me Happy

1 silver lining - monday

Monday is here again and that means another attempt at making me, and hopefully you in turn, happier about it. Sometimes, when things just get so stressful and horrible in life, it’s important for you to just sit down and give yourself a minute to breathe and to think about the silver lining to all your troubles.

And, I’d like to recommend that, if you’re also having a rough day – or just a Monday – you go ahead and list down your 9 happy things alongside me. And, if you wish, share them with me (’cause I’d love to read them) in the comment section below.


1. Getting the McDonald paper bag delivered to my doorstep and the nice roll it has on the top and the feeling of carrying it. Also, when I see someone carrying a McDonald paper bag on the street, after a long day at work, I somehow can’t help but smile. ‘Cause while they may be flustered and exhausted, I somehow have the feeling that once they settle down back at home and eat their Big Mac life is slightly less horrible for them.

2. Watching a movie for the second time with someone who hasn’t watched it yet. I guess the thing I love best out of this experience is sharing a film that I enjoyed and being able to see whether they enjoyed it just as much. The first time you watch something, you’re more interested in the movie, the second time, you not only spot things you missed the first time, but you also get to kind of have an outer body experience of how you must have felt the first time watching it through your friend. Or, maybe I’m just weird to find this so enjoyable.

3. Chips and ice-cream combo. Or, if you’d prefer, french fries and ice-cream combo. I guess this is somewhat related to the first experience – but I don’t think you can experience it with delivery. I like have my McDonald fries with the vanilla soft cone. It’s just a simple happiness for me.

4. Christmas shopping for friends and family. Christmas, in general, is my favourite time of the year. Sometimes, just to make me happier, I’ll go listen to some Christmas carols in the middle of the year, just to put me in a better spirit. I love Christmas ’cause everyone as a whole seems happier, and I enjoy making them even more happier with presents! I love Christmas shopping for presents for friends and family. Mostly ’cause it gives me an excuse to find the perfect gift for them and spend money on them and not have them eye me with suspicion with “What do you want?” I love to see the look on their faces and I love the warm fuzzy feeling it gives me in return.

5. Random coincidences. Call me corny, but I kind of see them as a little joke from God (I imagine Him with a very interesting sense of humor). There was this one day in the morning where my brother asked me which pants (or shirt, I couldn’t remember) he should wear. Later in the day, it was a hilarious coincidence when both his pants and shirt matched a huge minion balloon. He managed to take a picture next to it and it looked planned, but it wasn’t. That somehow just made our day a lot better.

6. Looking up at the sky. Sometimes we forget the sky’s there. And sometimes the sky just catches my attention and makes me wonder at how it’s possible that it makes all the pretty gradients it does. Maybe I should look up at the sky more often – but if I did, maybe it would lose its wonder.

7. Looking in the mirror and actually liking what I see. I’m honest with myself – and a bit harsh, I guess – but when I look in the mirror (and I think some people here might agree with themselves) I see someone who looks average at best. So if I turn to the mirror one day and actually appreciate what I see, I feel like I’ve accomplished some level of self-confidence in myself.

8. Finding something amazing I forgot existed. This is a random one, but there’s so many ways this can probably happen. Sometimes I look in the fridge and find a chocolate bar I forgot I put there. Sometimes I’m cleaning out my drawers and find some long lost memory in a random object. So, sometimes I smile ’cause I find something I wasn’t searching for.

9. Baked pasta. I love my mum’s baked pasta. End of story.

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤

Photo credits: blogcontagiros.wordpress.com


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