My Most Embarrassing Reality TV Show Guilty Pleasures

3 movies+tvshows - wednesday

It’s a Wednesday post, do my eyes deceive me? I’m actually posting in this category!

I haven’t posted here for a while and mostly ’cause I haven’t been inspired to review or analyse any of the movies I’ve watched lately. Actually, that’s kind of a lie, ’cause I thought The Conjuring would be a really good one to go over all the scary elements that just gave me chills and that I still remember today – in the middle of the night, before I go to sleep. The truth is that I’m lazy and I’m distracted. Typical traits of a writer (who will never be published any time soon – ’cause she never finishes the manuscript in the first place).

So instead, I have this. It’s like my excuse list. It’s like the reasons why I will never become a full on film critic, i.e. I like my junk shows way too much.

1. Dance Moms

dance moms 2-28

This is the one that has been currently keeping me busy at the moment. Abby Lee Miller is a dance teacher who churns out tonnes of national title holders every year. And this show features her elite competition team as they go through their dance season. But, the main focus of the show has to be the dance moms, who pick on every little crazy detail that does and does not involve their daughters. And it is so embarrassing that I’m hooked on it.

I fear that if I don’t finish it this week, it’ll just irk me next week when I finally start work. I’ve gone through fifteen episodes of season 2 this week and am hoping I finish (what is there) of season 3. It’s less of the drama that the mums go through that keeps me watching the show, and more of the beautiful little girl dancers. These girls sadly know how to put on make-up so much better than me. My favourite is definitely Maddie, but I love the grace Chloe has when she dances too.

2. The Bachelorette


The Bachelorette is a spin-off of The Bachelor where one of the rejected bachelorettes gets an opportunity to come back to the show and pick the “man of her dreams”. Like The Bachelor, she goes on a series of dates, double dates, and group dates to get to know the guys and has to eliminate guys over the course of the show till she is left with two men and a possible proposal (and cash involved). I know, it’s unrealistic and most of the proposals at the end of the show just end up with the couples breaking up a few months later or getting divorced. But when you’re feeling like it’s that time of the month, it’s just nice to curl up in front of the laptop and having a marathon of the show.

I don’t watch all the seasons of The Bachelorette – I can usually judge by the first few episodes whether or not I’ll be emotionally invested in the Bachelorette herself. My favourite seasons have to be the one with Ali Fedotowsky (I think she chose the wrong guy at the end) and the other one with Ashley Hebert (she chose the right guy). I always have to stop myself from seeing whether the final couple are still together or not, ’cause I always end up ruining the entire season for myself by doing that tempting self-research.

3. America’s Next Top Model

Meet the Guys & Girls of Cycle 20 - Part 1

I think this show is very self-explanatory. It’s a competition that aims to find a potential working model, one that can make a name for herself (and Tyra) in the world of fashion. Some may not quite see this as a “guilty pleasure” TV show per say, but come on, some of the challenges and photo shoots lately are just ridiculous! A season where there are both guys and girls does not mean that they have to cross-dress as each other and have completely sexualised photo shoots. We get it; there are both genders in the show; stop rubbing it in our faces.

But, aside from the ludicrous nature of the challenges, I still watch it. My current favourites for season 20 have to be Nina, Jourdan, Chris H and Marvin. Chris is an interesting one, ’cause I honestly think he looks a bit – like he has a very bad attitude problem – but he looks so much more interesting on camera (which is ironic ’cause the entire show is through the lens of a camera).

4. Toddlers and Tiaras


Each Toddlers and Tiaras episode follows a few girls (and sometimes boys) as they prepare for their next beauty pageant. These girls are all eventually competing against each other. It usually features a mother who is a newcomer to the arena and maybe two season professionals (the definition of this is that the girls have probably been forced to model since they were just two-years-old – or younger). 

Yeah .. I sadly have to admit that there was a time when I’d watch a whole bunch of these episodes one after the other ’cause they were so accessible on Youtube. And I do feel guilty that I know the names of Eden Wood, Mackenzie and Alana. There’s something about this show in which you do not condone the behaviour of the mothers and the children and the upbringing of both and the entire child beauty pageant arena – yet you still can’t stop watching ’cause you want to know who will win and what the kids will do to the mothers and what the mothers will do to the kids. And sometimes you come across a kid who really loves what she’s doing and you don’t know whether to feel all warm and fuzzy inside or completely sad for her. Or a kid who says something cute like “Sometimes I wish I weren’t famous and I was just a fish” (guess who said that!) And, yeah, it’s just a completely confusing situation.

5. Say Yes to the Dress


This series takes place in Kleinfeld where the company assists women looking for a wedding gown for their big day. Again, like Toddlers and Tiaras, I became hooked on this show ’cause it was so accessible on Youtube. Instead of trying to find a movie to watch for lunch, I would just go search for a random episode I had yet to watch and just watch that instead. And it was somehow very fascinating to me how many different wedding dresses there could be and how this store tried to market the dress in an emotional rather than monetary value.

So those are some (sadly only some) of the guilt that is me and the TV shows that I watch. Currently, I’m hooked on Dance Moms and ANTM and am taking a break from the rest. And now, after this post is finished (and took me way too long to write), I’m going to have my late lunch and continue with watching Abby Lee Miller yell at her dancers and the moms yelling at each other.

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤




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