Weekly Update: Heartbreak Girl, Sophia Lucia and Miner Ware

7 the rest - sunday

Hi guys!

You know, the funny thing about blogging/writing is that it’s difficult to complain about lag – but that’s what WordPress is currently doing a lot of at the moment (for me). Whenever I open a window with it, my mouse seems to get a dose of anaesthetics and just crawls. And attempting to switch between tabs is just a nightmare. Which is why Sundays are beginning to be a nightmare to post up. But post up I will. And please, let me know if you also experience this lag when you load my page. I realise it does this for me and I’m wondering if you’re experiencing it too.

Just to update you guys (or more like forewarn), this coming week will be very busy. So I’m not too sure how much I’ll be able to blog and which days either. And (as predicted) my lazy self has not pre-written anything for this week. But fear not, I’ll make sure that I at least get a Saturday post in.

Oh, and to all my lovely new followers from this week and last week: “hello!” *waves*

Welcome to another round of my weekly favourites:

1. Song of the Week: Heartbreak Girl – Troye Sivan – 5 Seconds Of Summer (Cover)

Had this song in my head all day (apart from One Direction’s Little Things for some reason), so I thought that it’s a good indicator of what my song of this week is. Shamefully I’ve never listened to the original, so I kind of have no right to say that he does this song justice – but I’m still going to say it, ’cause he sings it with so much emotion and the expression on his face has so much meaning, it has to be true.

2. Youtube Video of the Week: Sophia Lucia on Dancing With the Stars

This is definitely not that new, but thanks to Dance Moms, I came across this amazing 10-year-old, Sophia Lucia, and the insane amount of dance skills (especially her pirouettes) she has under her belt. If you don’t know about her yet, then you definitely should check her out.

3. Let’s Play of the Week: SkyDoesMinecraft plays Miner Ware

I thought this mini-game was just hilarious and fast-paced and simple to grasp. And it looks like something I’d love to play for the laugh out louds. Minecraft is good at incorporating other games into its servers and Warioware and Minecraft is a great match. If you want to see HuskyMudkipz’s perspective it’s here. A close second this week is VS Episode 28 – Ray vs. Jack. Heck, the two of them can tie.

And, once again, no movie trailers, ’cause I simply didn’t watch any.

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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