Weekly Update: Nintendo, GTA V and New Seasons

7 the rest - sunday

I think I made it pretty clear, at the cusp of this week, that my blog would pretty much be a desert landscape with the occasional tumbleweed. I believe this will be the forecast for the next few months to come till December. I hope I’m satisfying my (albeit small) pool of readers with the three posts that I did come up with this month.

If not, here’s a small paragraph on the things I wish I had time to blog more about but didn’t. Firstly, Nintendo pioneer, Hiroshi Yamauchi‘s, sad death this Thursday. I decided to pay him homage by drawing Mario and Luigi on my house’s mini-whiteboard. If I had time, I would have probably made a Nintendo Soundtrack on that day. Also, there was a lot to talk in terms of the Grand Theft Auto V‘s release, which managed to hit $1 billion in profits in a mere three days, making it the fastest-selling game in history (Source). It would have been nice to run through its features, along with my own personal favourite easter egg it has of AlienLast but not least, I’m certain that we’re at that point in the month/year where a lot of TV series are releasing their first episodes of their newest seasons. Personally I know I’m waiting for Sherlock and Glee (although I know I’m missing out on a lot more – link here for a better summary). So maybe I’ll make a list after this post, or you can just click the link given. 

After all that was not posted but now is mentioned is said and (not really) done, here’s my favourites for this week:

1. Song of the Week: Krewella & Pegboard Nerds – This Is Not The End

I know, I mentioned this song on Friday, but I think it’s quickly picked up as one of my favourites this week. It’s been a quick default song for me to go to. Plus, I think I’m slowly liking Pegboard Nerds more and more as my favourite dubstep artist – wow, I never thought those words would come out of my .. blog.

2. Youtube Video of the Week: Rage Quit (?) – Grand Theft Auto V

Michael does Rage Quits well. But I think he outdid himself this week with this, not so ordinary, rage quit of his. Oh, and another good one is ELDERS REACT TO YLVIS – THE FOX .. Ellen Degeneres also had a lot of Ylvis on her show this week, so those are fun to watch too.

3. Let’s Play of the Week: Prop Hunt: Secret Chinese Food (w/ Friends part 25)

It’s kind of rare to see these youtube gamers play Prop Hunt prop-erly (couldn’t help myself with that pun), so it was kind of nice for a change to watch ChilledChaos actually manage to find a good hiding place.

Last but not least, I have to say I’m sad to see this weekend coming to an end. But that does not mean I’m not curious to see what this following week has in store for us.

So till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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