Three Terrifying Movie Moments From My Childhood

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We’ve all probably had that moment when we were eight when we thought that we were big enough to watch a “grown up” movie, or our parents decided to forget about the advisory rating and just watch a film with us in tow. Our first sightings of a terrifying ghoul kept us up at night and haunted our dreams for weeks to come, that made the darkness more spooky than it really is, and introduced us to the “night light”.

These are five moments in my childhood movie history that are still plastered in my mind.

1. Children of the Corn: The kids


I have no idea why, but one night I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to watch a movie. Little did I realise, this movie would be my first encounter with Steven King’s brand of horror. There was something about children with eyes that illuminated to the point at which their brains were visible in their scalps that just terrified me. And this moment will forever be ingrained in my mind.

2. Jurassic Park: Raptors in the kitchen 


I think anyone who has watched Jurassic Park will know this iconic scene well, from the moment the jelly shakes to the two kids trying to hide from the raptors in the kitchens, clumsily making utensils fall and pulling risky moves with their banging. As kids, my brother and I used to watch this movie if we ever felt like scaring ourselves. We’d curl up in blankets and scream like crazy. It was personally our first thrill-seeking “horror” movie.

3. Interview with the Vampire: Claudia


It was this movie in particular that had me putting the covers up to my neck for three-years of summers. The one character that terrified me most was Kirsten Dunst as Claudia. I still remember the scene of her wanting to be a normal girl and cutting her hair only for it to grow back. And I also remember the scene where she tricked Lestat to drink the blood of dead twins and she slits his throat. Whenever I think back to the movie, I’m immediately flooded with images of blonde curls and pools of blood. Thanks a lot. Personally I think if I returned to that movie, I’d find it a lot more fascinating than terrifying – but I don’t want to.

So, let me know what movies you happened to stumble upon when you were a kid that just scared the bejeebers out of you!

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


2 thoughts on “Three Terrifying Movie Moments From My Childhood

  1. Jaws. I was scared of closing my eyes whenever I was in water – having a shower or being at the beach. Those lidless black pools of eyes scared me a lot. It’s funny because how could a megaton huge fish end up in the shower, you know? But whenever I closed my eyes, I could see those eyes. That was when I was young.

    Another thing was X from Fern Gully. That song he sings as he transforms from a blob, to a skeleton to him having flesh. And it was a black shapeless thing trying to smother the life out of the planet. Honestly, that scared me because I felt that, that thing won’t stop at nothing and can slip through tiny holes and vents to get through. Imagine, a shapeless malevolent thing slipping through trying to get you. Ah no…. that was scary for me as a child. Plus, when he was in skeletal form, no. Just no. Scared me enough I used to rewind pass that song. Great song now. Very effective to a child though.

    Then there is IT the clown. I just hate clowns because they wear a mask. And IT was basically evil, fear and deception personified.

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