Weekly Update: Birthdays and Getting Older

7 the rest - sunday

I kind of like making this a fortnightly thing. Right now, I can feel the workload piling up. I felt like I had a lot to do this weekend, but I did so little cause I was so exhausted, sleeping a lot, trying to evaluate how my week went and how next week will go. I was twenty-two last week and now I’m twenty-three .. I found a perfect post for how we just don’t feel as old as we actually are. I wonder if I shared it here, I don’t think I have, either way I will now. Problem is I think I’ve reblogged too many things on my Tumblr lately to be able to scroll down and find that post. Personally, it’s my fault for not having shared it immediately after I found it. But lately I also feel that a lot of the things I see on Tumblr reflect how I feel.

I found it! Here it is (image source when you click on it):


Personally, there is something about the ages 22-24 that I like. I like the idea of them. I like the idea that they are when you’re supposed to have most of your life sorted out, you’re meant to have some confidence in yourself – yet at the same time you still have the energy of a teenager (with less of the angst and muddled emotions). You’re still allowed to make mistakes and play as a kid without other adults looking at you like you’re a sad person.

Well .. that’s enough of my musings for this Sunday. On with the favourites! And again, this week, I’ll put in two instead of one.

Favourite Songs of the Week: Some Kind of Beautiful by Tyler Ward Feat. Lindsey Stirling

Monsta’ – Holdin On (Skrillex and Nero Remix)

Favourite Youtube Videos of the Week: asdfmovie7

and Mexican Standoff (ft. Key & Peele)

Favourite Lets Plays of the Week: The Stanley Parable – CHOICES EVERYWHERE! (#1) by Mr360Games

and Things to do in GTA V – Fly Fishing

And that is all for the week!

Till next time,

cumuloq ❤


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