Halloween Friday! (Creepy Dream Recounts)

5 tgfyv - friday

And it’s Friday! Came back from watching Thor: The Dark World – it was awesome. Sadly have no time to do anymore movie analysis, but I definitely think this was one of the better Marvel movies. Possibly just cause of Kat Dennings and Tom Hiddleston’s characters.

So, what to say about this Halloween. I did not dress up. No one practically acknowledges it where I’m at. It would be nice to see kids dress up in costumes, but the only way I could share in the “holiday spirit” (is that a pun I see?) is through scrolling down the reddit pages and seeing a few random costumes at the ice-skating rink today. Oh, and have I mentioned I’ve been having pretty weird dreams these past two days? Is it ’cause of Halloween?

The day before yesterday I dreamt of some strange video game that I was in, where raptors and pterodactyls attacked me from the get-go and made it impossible for me to even survive a few steps out of the garage without dying and having to spawn in again – and a second (very terrifying level) ala Amnesia or Outlast where I had to find items to defeat a possessed girl in the other room. I think I watched too many horror walkthroughs this week. Then just yesterday I had a dream where I was in some game show that seemed to be a crossover of Survivors, Amazing Race, Glee (I know, not a reality tv show) and America’s Next Top Model where I was forced to eat a handful of albino snakes and then a cup full of tape worms. Proud of my “dream self” for rejecting both and then standing up to the host (some man in a room) as to why I would not subject myself to such torture just for entertainment sake and for the prize. But, yeah, woke up both times going, “What the heck.”

So this is my Friday video. A feel good song (and completely unrelated to anything I’ve just said). 🙂 Now, time for me to head to bed. Exhausted.

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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