Sharing My Desktop Embarrassments

5 tgfyv - friday

I have a folder on my desktop; it’s titled “Random Desktop Photos” and it’s basically where I put any random photos that I’ve taken (using the handy Windows Snipping Tool) that end up on my desktop and then I drag them in there. Today I’d like to share you a few.

Firstly, I think 50% of them is just random weird accomplishments on the lamest of things.

4m neopoints!

Like this one, where I hit exactly four million neopoints on  my Neopets‘ bank account. Just so we’re clear, I have stopped playing it for a while .. although my current balance is half a million more now.

minesweeper - hardest lvl in 189 seconds

And another embarrassing accomplishment is finishing a minesweeper level on hard. I don’t even understand why this screenshot was taken in particular, since it isn’t even my fastest time. Since then I’ve done it in 150 seconds. 

QWOP - 30.9m

Another random accomplishment is 30.9 metres in QWOP … which again, I don’t think is my highest, but hey, I must have been incredibly proud of it to have taken this screenshot. Still, only got a ‘Participant’ ribbon. Yay me. Look at that guy doing the awkward worm on the track.


And this random one is for joining the Secret Santa on Reddit. So, apart from accomplishments I do have the random screenshots that I’d like to take some time to explain.


This is Miles, being his usual self, i.e. awesome. I just had to take a screenshot (for some reason) of his epic moment on latest season of The Gauntlet. Wanted to tweet it, so I took a photo of it. The icing on the cake was that he burned iJustine so hard. I don’t like iJustine.


And last but not least is the screenshot I took just before this blog post. I realised that I awkwardly put Daenerys Targaryen in between a post of the Harry Potter cast dancing together and two pugs loving in each other. She doesn’t seem very happy …

And now, for this Friday’s TGFYV, hit it Bernal:

Enjoy your weekends!

cumuloq ❤


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