Music Brings Us Together – Literally


Hypothesis: Music literally brings people closer together.

I noticed, as I was standing in the train this afternoon, on my way home from work, that people with headphones on don’t seem to understand personal space. They stand much closer than they probably should to other people, even though there is a lot of space around for them to space out. And this wasn’t the first time I observed this. I’ve noticed it to be a random social pattern I have (for some crazy reason of my brain’s) listed subconsciously.

Maybe I’ve noticed this because I kind of assume the opposite to occur, i.e. people who are listening to music will tend to distance themselves from the crowd. But no – they seem to gravitate a bit closer.

So, this makes me wonder, does music thereby literally bring people closer together – no, let me rephrase this. Does listening to music lower a person’s ability to perceive spatial distance between them and another person? Does listening to music create a false sense of personal security that allows people to draw nearer to others?

I’m wondering if anyone can prove this – and maybe this, in turn, can prove that this is the reason why people are much more willing to cram together, sweaty backs touching, at a music venue rather than public transport. Maybe public transport should have background music so as to lower the agitation passengers feel while crammed together during peak hours …

I don’t know, it’s just a weird thought that’s preoccupying my mind at the moment. I wonder if someone could do a study on it.

– cumuloq ❤


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