Three Poems From My Tumblr Dashboard

6 inklings - saturday

Scrolling down and writing the words I see from my tumblr dashboard. Maybe you’ll recognise some lines. I decided to break up the lines so it’ll look more fluid:

Poem I
shut your eyes and
of somewhere
you’re interesting
and you’re different
and i like that
trust me please
just hold me
and kiss my forehead
time changes everyone.
drown me in the ocean,
wash away my tears
11.12.13: every person has at least one
that would break your heart
what was i to you?

Poem II (uncensored)
God is love
but Satan does that thing
with his tongue
that you love
you’re cute. like really
fucking cute.
and if you’re ever feeling lonely
just look at the moon
someone, somewhere is looking right at it too.
maybe i’m too busy being yours
to fall
for somebody new.
fuck distance.
of course
i’m fucking jealous.

Poem III
i feel like i’m waiting
for something that isn’t going to happen
because waiting for you
is like waiting for rain in this drought
useless and disappointing.
i will always always always always always always
care about you.
oh wow.
i wish i could be alright with this.
my thoughts were so loud
i couldn’t hear my mouth
this conversation is now over.


– cumuloq ❤


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