30DBC Day 03: Your favorite series

It’s Friday, and day three of the 30 Day Book Challenge is here! For those who do not know what the challenge is about click here to get started.

So today it’s all about my favourite series. And trust me, once again, I was tempted to say Harry Potter. And true, Harry Potter was a major part of my childhood (especially since I was at such a perfect age during the development of the books and the movies – even being the same age as the actors who also grew up with the movies and books). But, no – I realised that Harry Potter was essentially not the first series I came in touch with, and certainly not the first to impact my life.

I realised, through my search for my favourite series, I discovered one thing about myself, and that is I am essentially a serial reader – if I may be so bold to coin that term at a whim. I read in bulk. I have conquered many in my young adult life, including (but not limited to) the Abhorsen series, the Gemma Doyle series, the Hunger Games series, the Series of Unfortunate Events, the Chrestomanci series, the Twilight series, the aforementioned Maximum Ride series, and the latest Divergent series. It’s scary to know there are probably a lot more of those that I’m just not remembering.

Maybe the reason why I’ve loved reading a long series of books, a quartet or a trilogy is just because I can stay with the characters I’ve grown to love a lot longer. And sometimes, but not always, their stories become so much more intricate and mature and you really see how the character changes from the first page to the very last. It’s a journey.

So, the series I decided to choose as my favourite is one that I treasure because it was there during the start of my journey. This series was recommended by my (still) favourite teacher. She pried my away from the Sweet Valley Kids books I read at that time to a world of amazing fantasy and make believe.

I would like to claim that it is the entire lot of eighteen Tamora Pierce books I have read, but I would prefer to narrow it down to my favourite quartet …

The Immortals Quartet by Tamora Pierce



This is essentially the second quartet in the long line of Tortall universe books Pierce has up her repertoire and it was published between 1992 and 1996. (Yes, quite a long time ago.) I chose this over the first quartet with Alanna of Trebond (the female first knight of Tortall) because I felt like I identified more with Daine – and because it was only in this series that I really felt like I was at home with the medieval, magical world of Tortall. I wonder if any of you have heard or read this series before – if you have let me know what you thought of it yourself!

The story revolves around the orphan, and female protagonist, Veralidaine Sarrasri (Daine for short), who has wild magic which enables her to speak with animals. Throughout the series her magic becomes stronger and, in turn, her enemies and adversaries become tougher. The Immortals in this case refer to strange and evil creatures that seem to be intruding into not only the realm of Tortall but also the neighbouring areas.

I read this way back when I was probably thirteen or fourteen years old. To me, the Tortall world was everything I could possibly dream of. Women chose to be their own heroes; I knew of Daine’s archery skills before I even heard of Legolas, I knew of Tkaa the basilisk before I heard of the one in the Chamber of Secrets, and I knew of her pet dragon, Skysong, before I even heard of Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of dragons.

So, yes, this series has a very soft spot in my heart, because it taught me a lot about the world around me when I was fourteen. And it kind of makes me warm and fuzzy inside, sitting here, typing out this post with all four books actually sitting by my side, resurrected from the dusty confines of a cardboard box. I just might reread them for fun. Maybe.

So that’s for my favourite series! Do, once again, check out Rhey of Sunshine for her favourite series. And I’ll catch you on the flipside (what a dated euphemism) tomorrow when I dig in deeper to this series and tell you which one of them was my favourite.

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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