30DBC Day 04: Favorite book of your favorite series

And so we continue. Hello, Day Four! (What is this challenge about?)

I think the issue with me choosing a series that I read so long ago as my favourite, i.e. The Immortals Quartet, is that I hardly remember all the books well enough to choose my favourite out of the four books. If I had chosen the Harry Potter series it would have been so much easier – my favourite from that is definitely The Prisoner of Azkaban. 

So what did I do? I had to read the summaries of these books – so I’m not so sure how accurate my assessment is. My favourite book from The Immortals Quartet is …

Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce

This is the first book in the series and where we first come across Daine, our heroine. Here, she is still a vulnerable thirteen-year-old and as a reader I enjoyed learning more about who she was, ’cause she starts off as a rather mysterious timid thing with a covert past. All we know from the beginning is that she is an orphan and her only family is a horse named Cloud.858676

In this journey she comes across Immortals, which are strange creatures like spiders with human heads and metallic birds that feast on the dead – ooh that rhymed (I’m taking their descriptions from wiki cause I honestly vaguely remember all of this).

But let me get to the reason why I remember I loved this one the most. Because somewhere at the back of my memory, I remembered a point in this particular book which stuck with me and that was Daine’s kindness – and sometimes her stupidity because of her kindness. It was this part where Daine tried to listen to dolphins:

This was her first sighting of dolphins, and she wanted to talk to them. Sitting on the grass, she reached for her magic – and felt it slip out of her grip. Working on the rabbit had tired her to the point of being unable to bear down with her mind. She closed her eyes and tried again … Slowly she discarded every sound nearby, until the only one left was her heartbeat. Bearing down, she pushed it away, and farther. Perversely, it hammered in her ears louder than ever. She forced it back one more time.

Numair saw her collapse … Numair shook Daine as he held her. “You fiend!” he yelled “What on earth possessed you? You were dead! I ought to kill you myself!”

“My heart?” She frowned, remembering. “It made too much noise. I wanted it to quieten down so that I could talk to the dolphins.”

“Do you hear her?” Numair asked the clouds. “She wanted to talk to dolphins, so she stopped her own blessed heart! Mithros, Mynoss and Shakith!”

I thought I’d show you a snippet of that beloved scene. It has stuck with me for ten years right up till now. And I loved it so much – it kind of reminds me of Alice in Wonderland in the sense that “curiosity killed the cat” (and in this case, in the very literal sense).

There are of course many more moments that made this novel special. But I won’t spoil them for you. If you want to read it, please go ahead! I would definitely recommend this series.

So that is my pick for today’s challenge! So, don’t forget to check out Rhey of Sunshine and see which book from her series she has chosen as her favourite. And we will catch you tomorrow when we share with you all a book that made us happy!

Till next time, lovelies,

cumuloq ❤


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