30DBC Day 05: A book that makes you happy

So, we’re done with the “series” challenges! For day five I shall be sharing which book makes me happy! (If you don’t know what this challenge is about …)

Initially I was kind of confused with this title – does happy mean that it should have made me laugh? Or is it happy in the sense that whenever I hear the book title, it makes me smile? So, at first I thought I would strike out on this one, ’cause I have never actually read a comedic book – although there were plenty of pages in books that made me laugh like an idiot. My initial thought was to name Ready Player One, ’cause there is a page in there that really made me laugh out loud – yeah, I lol’d for real.

But then I realise that if there is any book that makes me happy it is this …

Simon’s Cat by Simon Tofield


I know, it doesn’t really count as a novel per say, but it is a book. And it has a really good memory buried in its pages for me – and sometimes that’s all you need for a book to be extraordinary – if there is a story attached to the story itself.

Firstly, the plot … there really isn’t one. It is a cute collection of comics of a cat who pesters his owner, Simon (who is the author himself who is portraying his own cat in the comic), and gets into a whole bunch of ridiculous antics in the garden and at home, often with a fishing gnome, a bird, a hedgehog and the fishing pond.


I read this book standing, with it propped against the metallic grey library shelves in my uni. I devoured its pages within an hour. If you asked me to go back to that library I could probably pick out the exact shelf I found it at. I remember just getting lost in its pages, reading all of the cat’s adventures – at that moment I felt like a pirate who just found lost treasure.

You can find all of Simon’s Cat’s adventures on the official youtube website here – but really it isn’t the same as flipping the pages. If anything, I enjoyed flipping the pages more, because instead of having it animated in front of you, you had to use a bit of imagination – and sometimes the imagination is a lot more wild.

So, for something that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, it’s the book Simon’s Cat.

For more warm and fuzzy books, do check out Rhey of Sunshine‘s side for a Rhey of Sunshine book! And stay tuned as we go from happiness to sadness in tomorrow’s challenge post.

Till next time,

cumuloq ❤


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