My Top 5 Favourite Female Beauty Youtubers

5 tgfyv - friday

Hi everybody!

I thought that I would break the monotony of having all my 30DBC spamming the home page of my blog and actually post something up that is in regard to my usual seven topics of the week. Plus, today’s 30DBC was a short one, so I decided to add in more content for today. So I thought this would be a complete contrast from the books – videos! (Yes, smart me.)

I have actually been meaning to share a couple of my favourite Youtube girls because I have been introduced to a lot more recently. So, without further ado, let me introduce them:

5. Chrissy Costanza

Watch this video from 4:15 in onwards, because she promotes an app for a very long time in the beginning of this one. But Chrissy, if you might recognise her, is the lead singer of Against the Current! She also has her personal channel where she sometimes does faqs or make-up or beauty videos.

4. Kalel Cullen

Kalel may be better known as the fiance of Anthony from SMOSH, but she is really pretty and, in my opinion, has one of the more unique styles on Youtube. It is sort of a mix of bohemian and Japanese kawaii. I absolutely love the applicator brushes she uses in this video!

3. MsRosieBea

Rosie is one of the newer Youtubers I follow and I found out about her from the Beauty Bootcamp from DailyMix. She stood out to me because of her absolutely beautiful red hair. She is one of my lesser known and growing favourite beauty youtubers.

2. Hannah Maggs

Hannah is another new favourite, along with her adorable baby, Grayson (a.k.a. Squeaky G). I found out about her through her meet-up with Zoe in Brighton. But I’m becoming more and more enchanted by the life she leads. She is a really aspirational youtuber to watch because her skin has such a healthy glow to it and she seems like the nicest person ever.

1. Zoe Suggs

And, yup, I can’t help it, Zoe is definitely my number one go-to-girl. The irony is that she claims she’s not much of a beauty guru on youtube. But I love her look and style. She can carry off the boldest of looks (like black leather tights).

So these are my current favourites on my subscribe list. If you know of anyone who is like these girls, do recommend them to me! ❤ I am so glad finally list them all out. This is a bit of indulgent blogging on my end. I hope you enjoyed nonetheless.

Till next time,

cumuloq ❤


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