Poem: sitting and waiting

6 inklings - saturday

At first I considered that this was just going to be me adding another post to my “Inklings” collection. But then I edited it a bit, and then I found an image that fit quite well, the one of Hazel and Augustus on the swing set. And it kind of got out of hand, and in the end it ended up to be not about just me sitting in front of my computer wasting time that would be better spent sleeping but about how time in general moves faster than we sometimes can even comprehend, how sitting in one spot can be us in one place at one time – but to another person, it can be a second’s worth of wild exhilaration, or a week’s worth of agonising pain, that although we quantify time, the time we spend in a second or minutes is essentially quantified by how we choose to spend it.


quietly / you sit and wait
you sit / and wait
and ponder /
“so many times / my life has just been this /
this hovering in the hallway
till half / my lifetfios-hazel-gus-swings
has been just this /
this frozen in space / not time /

these hours / that past
(for what purpose?)
the strange faces / the strict posture
the faces / of a thousand clocks /
ticking past and
the hours /

for what purpose /
i could spend / these hours better
saved / like nickels in a mason jar
to accumulate
in my interests /
these wasteful / seconds except perhaps

those moments of necessary stillness /
the loitering of the soul /
those seconds / spent while
sitting /
whiling /
away with you”

– cumuloq ❤


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