30DBC Day 30: Your favorite book of all time

Hi everyone!

Oh wow, the last day of the 30DBC! I will be posting up an overview/recap later today of everything I’ve chosen for this challenge. So look out for that! But, for the last time in this challenge, let me remind you to check out Rhey of Sunshine‘s blog for her all-time favourite book. We both thank you for reading and following us through. And if you are ever interested in taking part in this challenge yourself in the future, let me know so I can, in turn, check yours out!

Now, for my favourite book. I’m going to rewind a bit here all the way back to Day 17, where I was made to choose my favourite quote from my favourite book. For those who read it, I quoted this: “A river of words flowed between us.”

It’s a simple enough quote, nothing really too remarkable about it, honestly. But this is was the phrase that stuck out the most when I read my favourite book.

Here, let me give you the full quote that led up, and pass it:

As the weeks continued to pass, Art3mis and I spent more and more time together. Even when our avatars were doing other things, we were sending e-mails and instant messages to each other. A river of words flowed between us.

I wanted more than anything to meet her in the real world. Face-to- face. But I didn’t tell her this. I was certain she had strong feelings for me, but she also kept me at a distance. No matter how much I revealed about myself to her—and I wound up revealing just about everything, including my real name—she always adamantly refused to reveal any details about her own life … My whole relationship with Art3mis was in defiance of all common sense.

And where is this from?

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Ready-Player-One-cover-by-Ernest-ClineYes, and I actually wrote a book review of this right before doing the 30 Day Book Challenge. So essentially, we’ve come full circle.

There are so many geeky reasons why I love this book so much, and how it has so easily climbed up my list of favourites, which includes Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher”, to make it to the top.

Ready Player One is a story about Wade Watts, a boy who lives in absolute poverty, in a world that is completely neglected and left to ruin. People instead, in this society, escape into a virtual world aptly named as the OASIS. The story kicks off when the creator of the OASIS, Halliday, dies and leaves behind clues and a game for a potential successor who will inherit his fortune and the OASIS for themselves. Wade is determined to find the easter egg that Halliday has created within the OASIS. This story tells of To check out more of what the book is about and my general (unbiased) review of it, click on the link above.

There were so many times during the 30dbc that I wanted to mention some parts of this book. It is by far one of my favourite books this year, I hope to someday read it at least three times (and hear it a million more in its audio version – which is read by Will Wheaton! Will freakin’ Wheaton!), there was an entire section that made me laugh like an idiot, there were bitter realisations that struck me deep and it honestly contains some of my favourite characters – some with amazing plot twists.

I mean, this book references so many 80s music it makes an entire soundtrack, one that you can actually look up and go listen to. It references so many movies that you can have an 80s marathon. It references so many games, you can totally geek out to them over an entire afternoon. It is even freakin’ meta, ’cause Cline created his own easter hunt game from the book that people are actually listed as winners of. So to me, this book is not just a book, you do not read it, you experience it.

Recently I watched WarGames (shown below) for the first time which was referenced in this book – and it was awesome.


I love some of Cline’s technological inventions in the game. My favourite being FlickSync – which is basically like karaoke but instead you are a character in your favourite movie and when you recite the right lines (especially in the right tone and with the right action) you get points. The object of the game is to recite the lines as well as possible to get the highest score. Wouldn’t you love to have that in real life?

Another reason why I love the book is that it is so neatly laid out in terms of plot – find the three keys and unlock the three gates and you’ll get Halliday’s ultimate prize. Yet, at the same time, there are so many thrilling moments, sometimes you forget about the plot entirely. Personally, I found it such an immersive experience.

Ultimately what I love about it is that, even though Wade is entirely engulfed by pop culture, by technological advancement, by games, Cline does not fail to reveal the double-edged sword of the world he has created. Every moment I am in awe at the beauty of the OASIS, I am also reminded that Wade is incredibly alone, incredibly poor and incredibly lost. He grew up in this virtual world – and while you admire the technology, you pity him.

So Ready Player One is definitely my favourite book – it was everything Ender’s Game failed to be. It showed promise the very first time I saw the cover of it and I was not disappointed in the least when I finally read it. The only problem now is that I’m in the search of an equally enticing sci-fi novel.

Till next time,

cumuloq ❤


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