Poem: Generated Words Experiment

6 inklings - saturday

So for today’s Inklings I thought I would try to experiment with something and generate ten random words from this random word generator and then try to incorporate it in a poem in the order they appear. I’m doing this while waiting for my Sims University update to finish – or more like start. (Why is it taking so long?)

Sims University Update Loading

Okay, so here goes. These are the words I generated:

eminent, quickest, fragile, wealthy, rampant, cattle, order, swing, war, invent

You would think that war or cattle is the biggest challenge here, but I think quickest and eminent are the least desirable words. I’ll be using etymonline as per usual to help me through this process.


eminent. a sky hung low
dusting the trees
the quickest buzzard etches
the sky scraped pines
the fragile paper people cut
the perforated lines

wealthy. it drizzles
the late afternoon dew
the commuting fodder escape
the rampant corporate cattle
and in their homes
they ruminate their delivery order

swing. a thunderclap
a cursory umbrella wages war
the pelts proceed to answer
the cowering paper people
folded down for the night

oh, this battle they invent against the world.


Poem done! I actually like how this turned out. I don’t usually write about urban landscapes. A poetry project I did once did have a prelude poem that had this similar atmosphere and tone, but the rest of it was more personal, dark and domesticated. I should experiment with this type of emotion more often.

Oh, and take a look at this, not even close to done:

Sims University Update Loading 2

Are they trying to upload all the universities in the world or what?

Anyway, while I rage over this downloading speed for my game, I’ll end this post here.

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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