Weekly Update: All the Stars, Hannah Maggs and Hilarity

7 the rest - sunday

The last time I did a weekly update was last year, which is quite a pity cause that means for an entire four months I have not been recording my favourite youtube videos. But, nonetheless, here is a new update.

1. Song of the Week: All of the Stars – Ed Sheeran

Waiting for this song to come out from the Fault in Our Stars Soundtrack and it finally has, and it’s wonderful. I think I listened to it ten times in a row yesterday while teary-eyed looking through the twitter photos of the Rooster Teeth’s Jones Wedding. It really set the mood.

2. Video of the Week: Hannah Maggs “It’s All Going Wrong!”

It’s surprising, but I find it very difficult to find a normal youtube video to post up in this category. It kind of shows how I have little tolerance for ten minute videos of vloggers lately, yet can still sit through half an hour’s worth of video game Let’s Plays – yes, I apparently know where my priorities lie. Anyway, you can never go wrong with a Hannah Maggs video to brighten up your day. Mister G. Nuff said.

3. LP of the Week: Let’s Play Minecraft Ep 102 – Grounded

On the other hand, this category, I had loads to choose from. But I had to choose this one video. I think it’s become one of my favourite let’s plays of theirs, all because of one moment in here with Ryan and Gavin – and Gavin’s absolute “foul luck” (as he may so aptly put it.) Enjoy as they try to dig from the south to the north by creating a tunnel one block above bedrock.

4. Trailer of the Week: A Million Ways to Die In the West

Seth Macfarlane’s new film looks so incredibly hilarious – classic preteen jokes aside. I can’t wait till this one comes out. The cast, also, looks incredible.

I hope I’ll make a habit of at least doing this once a month this year.

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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