Weekly Update: Don’t Care, Sir Candyman and The Flash

7 the rest - sunday

Such a stressful week that I barely had time to blog everything I considered blogging. But I thought I might as well sum up the week with all the videos I’ve been watching lately.

1. Song of the Week: Really Don’t Care – Demi Lovato

I could of chosen among a handful of songs really. But this week I needed a song which I could destress to, and this one was it. I had Pompeii stuck in my head all of yesterday, and on Friday it was “In Case”, another Demi song, but this is the one I’ll use for Sunday. It’s a very weekend song, anywho.

2. Video of the Week: Sourcefed Empowered on Animated!

Again, I really needed a video that made me smile, and this was one of them. The Sourcefed crew has such amazing conversations, but there are just too many to keep up with lately. So I was so thankful when they finally brought out the animated series like how other YT channels do. It brings together some of the best conversations with awesome sketches.

3. LP of the Week: Meeting Sir Candyman (The Hidden) with Cathy and Adam

This one just stood out to me. So many times you see kids swearing and trying to act so cool on servers, but this kid was just so down-to-earth and awesome.

4. Trailer of the Week: The Flash (Extended Trailer)

I don’t think I’ve found a great television series since Smallville – this one looks promising. I just hope it doesn’t deteriorate in quality after the first season (as they usually do).

And here are a few honourable mentions:

  1. Tanya Burr’s Smoky Arab Inspired Make-Up Tutorial
  2. Swim Cap Trick in Slow Motion by The Slow Mo Guys
  3. In Case (In Studio) – Demi Lovato
  4. Wall’s Ice Cream Goodbye Serious Cops
  5. Game of Thrones: Super Mario World
  6. Let’s Play StarWhal: Just the Tip by Achievement Hunters
  7. Immersion: Mario Kart by Rooster Teeth

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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