30DMC Day 01: The last movie you watched

Hi everyone!

So as mentioned, the 30 Day Movie Challenge starts today! *clap clap* And it kicks off with the last movie I watched. Before I begin, let me make a friendly and well-known reminder to check out Rhey of Sunshine, my fellow blogger with whom I do these challenges with!

Now, for the record, the last movie I watched is actually not this movie. But I will be doing a review of the last movie I watched for this Wednesday’s Movies+TVShows, so I will leave that one till later. So this is the second last movie I watched – and technically the last movie I watched when I wrote this post.

Said movie is:


I decided to watch this movie after reading about it in Ready Player One (which is pretty apt that I stopped the 30 Day Book Challenge with it and began this 30 Day Movie Challenge with it). Although that was not where I first heard of it. I actually first heard of it while I was exploring Imdb.com for potentially awesome 80s movies that I’ve missed out on because I was born beyond that time (and I’m somewhat sad about it because I honestly love the late 80s.)


WarGames stars a young Matthew Broderick as David Lightman as he hacks his way into a government computer named Joshua (or WOPR) and proceeds to play a game with it called Global Thermonuclear War.

David thinks it is just a new game that the company (which also happens to be gaming programmers) has come up with. However, Joshua is actually a high tech computer made to strategise and simulate war movements against the Soviet Union.

The rest of the movie involves David attempting to stop Joshua from pressurising NORAD into DEFCON 1, a.k.a. World War 3.

It’s pretty self-evident why this sci-fi movie became a cult classic amongst 80s nerds and geeks. The iconic quote, “Shall we play a game?” has been referenced dozens of times (even in the latest Captain America movie).


The NORAD set itself (where the military and Joshua occupy their time in the movie) is said to be the most expensive set of that time, costing around a million dollars to make. It was said to be more impressive than the actual NORAD command center at that time.

The movie also deals with very real concerns about hacking. So much so that it inspired congress to create and update the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1984.

Personally I loved it, mostly ’cause there was nothing too gimmicky about it. Maybe I’ve been too surrounded by Hollywood action movies where it is all about the explosions and dramatic scenes. WarGames, to me, felt down-to-earth and seemed to hold more substance than over-performance. Plus, the final scene of the movie was everything you could hope it to be. It had the perfect ending.

If I’ve piqued your interest, here is the trailer:

Plus, watching it today, it is still very relevant, especially with computer AI out there like Siri, Watson and Deep Blue. I believe many scientists and innovators alike today who are working towards the robotics and machines of the future were first inspired by WarGames.

Till next time,

cumuloq ❤


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