30DMC Day 05: Movie that is a guilty pleasure

Hello, fellow Woodlanders!

Cumuloq here, like you don’t know – and if you don’t know what movie I’m referencing, then let me introduce you to my “guilty pleasure” for the 30 Day Movie Challenge right away. It is …

Geek Charming

I feel like I’ve referenced this movie more than once in this blog before. But to allay any skepticism about this Disney Movie, I shall Geek-Charmingquote the movie’s film expert and teacher, Mr Farley: “The best documentaries leave their preconceived notions at the door.”

I discovered Geek Charming when I was sheepishly searching for another Disney Movie, Frenemies. Don’t ask. (It was a period of time when my brother was absolutely obsessed with the stars from Shake It Up.)

Geek Charming, however, was the movie I found in its place and I immediately got addicted to watching it, constantly, on loop, during meal times in my room at uni. If it wasn’t Tangled, it was Geek Charming.

It is another remake of the Cinderella story. But I swear, this one is different!

The story revolves around two main characters, Dylan Schoenfield, the queen bee of her school, and Josh Rosen, the president of the film club. Their paths collide when they become each other’s vehicles for their own personal goals: Dylan wants to be “Blossom Queen” (another version of Prom Queen) and Josh wants to win the grand prize at the Film Festival by shooting a documentary. Two different worlds then grapple with each other as Josh attempts to make a documentary – or what Dylan calls “my movie” – about what it is like to be popular.

Why do I love this movie so much, despite its apparent “cheesy” factor?

josh-geek-charmingFirstly, it is unexpected. It teaches kids not to immediately judge other people by their first impressions. It asks kids to question why others act the way they do.

The movie is well-executed for a Disney film. Agreed, it is incredibly commercial and has all the animated drama a Disney film is expected to have (that’s what makes it a guilty pleasure), but it is also incredibly thoughtful and quirky at the same time. It is told in the form of a documentary – or as far as Disney may go for a documentary. Sometimes, Dylan or Josh will speak to the audience directly.

The central cast is also great – the acting in it is really solid. Sarah Hyland, of Modern Family, does a wonderful job as Dylan. She makes you hate her character in the beginning, and slowly sends you on an emotional rollercoaster ride towards the end.tumblr_m81qb7SOd51qmuesuo1_500

Josh, played by Hyland’s real life boyfriend, Matt Prokop, also does a great job as the movie geek. And, it is pretty undeniable that the two leads have some chemistry – otherwise they wouldn’t be together in real life.

Furthermore, Josh’s crush, Amy Loubalu, is played by Pretty Little Liar’s Sasha Pieterse, who portrays the indie rocker of Blue Tangerine, an eco-friendly and independent girl, so well you almost fall in love with her (in slow motion) alongside Josh. I mean, who cannot be mesmerised by those blonde curls and pink highlights?

What I also love about it is that the lines are pretty decent for a Disney movie:

Sandy Rosen: [from another room] Josh, is that you?

Josh Rosen: No, Mom, it’s a burglar who just happens to have keys to the front door.

Furthermore, the story is a lot more than just teen love and high school drama. There are some incredibly heartbreaking moments in this movie as well that almost made me cry my eyes out over. Without giving away any spoilers, lets just say that Dylan is one of the more nuanced characters I’ve seen in a Disney TV movie since Sam from the original, A Cinderella Story (which is also a pretty guilty pleasure too).

And, come on, Sarah Hyland’s big green eyes just make you want to sob along with her relatable plight:


At the end of the day, Dylan Schoenfield may be a high-maintenance girl (“it’s not high maintenance to want to look nice”), but this movie is not. It is such a lighthearted film, I’ve literally watched it almost as many times as the first Harry Potter movie. It’s like a big bag of sour and onion chips – probably not that great for you, but too comforting and delicious for you to reject.

It would be here where I would probably put up the trailer, but I personally think that any marketing Disney has done for this movie has been atrocious – it portrays this movie as another shallow tween flick, but I personally think it is far from it.

All I can say is go watch it! Oh, and I ship Matt Prokop and Sarah Hyland so much. And last but not least check out Rhey of Sunshine’s blog for her guilty pleasure!

Till next time,

cumuloq ❤


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