30DMC Day 08: Favourite male character from any movie

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to another 30 Day Movie Challenge post. Today’s challenge is my “Favourite male character from any movie”. Before I begin, let me again remind you to check out Rhey of Sunshine‘s blog as we complete this challenge together.

Today’s challenge is difficult in the sense that it is hard to recall all the male characters I’ve ever watched in a movie. So I’ll probably be blindly pushing aside many fantastic male characters. I’m noting how this challenge asks for my favourite, however, instead of the “best”, so it kind of relieves some pressure to be perfect, i.e. Forrest Gump, Captain Jack Sparrow, the Joker and Tyler Durden are incredibly well-played characters but at the end of the day, they’re not my favourite male characters.

I did some quiet thinking and came to the conclusion that my favourite male character is …

Peter Parker from The Amazing Spider-Man

Peter-ParkerI think even from Sam Raimi’s 2002 version of Spider-Man, I have a soft spot for Spider-Man, out of all the superheroes I’ve seen. But I prefer Andrew Garfield in the role of Peter Parker than Tobey Maguire.

Why Peter Parker?

First and foremost, he’s the most relatable superhero out of all the ones that are out there now.

I cannot relate to a billionaire with an ego and an inherited corporation, nor a Norse god who can wield electricity with a giant hammer.

But I can relate to a high school kid with terrible luck, who has responsibility thrust upon him, and who has to deal with this while doing chores for Aunt May – and even having to deal with money problems.

Furthermore, not only is he relatable, but Peter Parker is a nerd at heart. Case in Point: In Avengers Volume 4 Issue #12.1, Peter reveals he plays WoW and is a Level 27 Rogue. He’s “brilliant but lazy”. He also has a sense of humour, with plenty of witty lines to rattle of during the heat of the battle.

Peter-Parker2But I think the main reason why I love Peter Parker as a character is the sheer amount of adversity he has had to face throughout his life – and his admirable determination to do good despite all of this.

Straight from the get-go, Peter has had to deal with plenty of strife. Peter’s parents died when he was six. He then loses his Uncle Ben to a robber he unintentionally enabled. Because of this he and Aunt May were put through years of struggling to pay the bills; Aunt May taking double shifts and forced to sell her jewellery; Peter taking a side job at the Daily Bugle taking photos, photos which were used to spread propaganda against Spider-Man. He was forced to see one of his childhood friends become his enemy. And if that wasn’t enough, (SPOILERS: highlight to see) Peter’s girlfriend, Gwen Stacey, falls to her death as well- which absolutely broke my heart in the movie.

Yet, despite all of this tribulation, Peter has a strong sense of justice, sticking
to his Uncle’s maxim (according to the movies), “With great power comes Peter-Parker4great responsibility.” Despite all the hardship he goes through, Peter remains, in all essence, good.

He cultivates a sense of trust among his fellow New Yorkers. This can be seen from scenes such as the one in Spider-Man 2 where the commuters in the train pull Spider-man back into the train after he stops it from flying off the tracks and in The Amazing Spider-Man when the constructors bring together their cranes to create a bridge for Spider-man to get to Oscorp.

He also gives people chances. This is evident when he comes across Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Firstly, he notices Max – which started Max’s obsession with Spider-man to begin with. Peter also does not immediately fight Electro in Times Square, he gives him a chance to talk, he tries to come to a compromise. There is a sense that Peter tries to treat everyone as the human being they deserve to be treated.

So I think I’ve made it clear why I like Peter Parker: he’s relatable, he’s a nerd, he’s funny but at the same time he’s also a beacon of hope, ’cause he’s also unlucky, he’s a struggling hero, he is often misunderstood, he has had to go through so much, but at the end of the day he remains brave and kind to everyone around him. And this what sticks out to me.

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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