30DMC Day 11: The most overrated movie

Hi everyone!

So here’s us continuing on with the 30 Day Movie Challenge. By us, I mean you, my readers, and my fellow blogger, Rhey of Sunshine. Today’s post is the antithesis of yesterday’s post, “the most overrated movie”. Personally, I find a lot of movies overrated – and often times their the blockbuster action movies that everyone wants to watch.

Often many find it surprising that I’ve never watched Transformers, Iron Man (I have actually watched the first one, but not the rest) and The Dark Knight series (again, I have actually watched the first one but not the rest). The truth of the matter is I am just not interested in those type of movies. Not interested in James Bond movies or Mission Impossible movies. They are just not my cup of tea. And usually when I watch those movies, I forget their plot, the characters and their names by the next week. To me, their stereotypical and their plots are skeletons of one another.

This overrated movie is no different …


Avatar-posterSorry Sigourney Weaver and James Cameron! You guys are awesome, but I really feel like this movie is completely overrated. I did not watch it when it first came out in 2009. If anything, I think I actually first caught it last year, four years after it came out, on television – and only because there was nothing else to watch.

I’ll admit the delivery of the plot was solid. That the special effects were alright. But there is honestly nothing spectacular about it to consider it one of the most popular films ever made. There are many other plot lines that have already been done in other movies that are meshed together in Avatar – I think the most common parallel that is given is Pocahontas.

And yes, for a movie that has garnered so much popularity, I expected something far more original. Inception, at least, had a plot that was mind blowing and a soundtrack that was iconic.

But five years down the road, do you even remember the main theme song from Avatar? Is there any line from the movie that still stands out for you? Do people even use those apps to turn them into blue alien Na’vis anymore? Did they even do that the year after Avatar came out? Do people still talk about this movie and how “amazing” it is?

For the “highest grossing films of all time”, gaining $2.8 billion, I feel as though there are plenty of other movies out there that are more deserving of that kind of attention and appraisal – that have made a far more cultural impact to films than Avatar.

Heck, Mean Girls has changed more lives and has left more of an impression on Hollywood. I will remember “Fetch” and “You go, Glen Coco!” before I recall “One life ends … another begins” or the ever so memorable line (sarcasm here) “I see you” – the latter two I literally had to Google.


So, for me, Avatar is forgettable. It has a good message to it, but the message is also forgettable. And better told by other movies out there.

For now, I will continue my trend of not looking forward to the latest blockbuster action movie and keep watching the other movies that do interest me – or ones with the thespians I will share with you in the next two days of my challenge!

So till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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