Makeup for Glasses Wearers

Hey there!

Okay, really random post but I thought that I’d share this video on my blog ’cause I thought it was something you don’t see every day from beauty gurus, i.e. Tanya Burr shares her tips on how to wear make-up when also wearing glasses.

Thanks to my past eye ulcer debacle (which is related to this post about wearing glasses), I haven’t been allowed to wear contacts for about two years plus now – which is a bummer ’cause since last year I’ve been experimenting and buying more make-up (probably ’cause I spent last year going for my graduation and interviews, so I felt like I wanted to be more of a grown-up and presentable). Glasses really kills my exploration in cosmetics ’cause my eyes are covered by my bulky glasses whenever I go out. So I’ve really been ‘meh’ about eye make-up and been ignoring that region of my face.

So this video was refreshing for me:

Summarising Tanya’s make-up tips:

  1. Neat eyebrows (no idea how to make my eyebrows neat, honestly, and have never been a fan of drawn eyebrows – need to find a means to meet halfway)
  2. Clean eyeshadow, i.e. contour and definitely no smoky eye
  3. Liquid eyeliner to frame the eyes so that they stand out more under your glasses
  4. Clean under eye (no mascara or eyeliner underneath)

Hope you found this video as useful as I did!

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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