30DMC Day 12: Your favourite actress

TGIF guys!

Today’s all about my current favourite actress for the 30 Day Movie Challenge. Once again, like the favourite characters posts, it’s all about my “favourite” as opposed to who I consider is the best. ‘Cause again, there would be a difference there.

Honestly, it took me a desperately long time to consider who my favourite actress may be. If I were twelve, I probably would have easily said Hilary Duff, and if I were sixteen I probably would end up saying Sarah Michelle Gellar. But, today, it is honestly really difficult. I feel as though I like a good pool of actresses, but not enough to call them my favourite. I also realise that nowadays I prefer fresh faces in films rather than actresses recycled for certain roles ’cause I’d rather not have thespians associated in past roles, e.g. I will never see Daniel Radcliffe in any other role than as Harry Potter, sorry.


Okay, enough of my preamble rambling. I decided to just go for the first actress who popped into my mind when I considered who my favourite actress may be, and she is …

Sarah Hyland

sarah-hylandI’ll be honest and say that, yes, it’s because of her role in Geek Charming that I absolutely love her as an actress. Her personality is absolutely goofy and adorable. But she is also surprisingly mature and down-to-earth as a person.

She is great as Haley Dunphy in Modern Family.

I don’t really know what else to say … I feel like she is too easily pigeonholed as the vapid teenager who only cares about parties and boys, and this has resulted in her being put into those teenage movies that are never taken seriously – but I’m waiting for the day she gets an actual good, sincere role in a movie.

Oh, and she’s also likened to Mila Kunis – and I can definitely see the resemblance and I wouldn’t be surprised if she headed down that path as well.

Here’s an interview with her and Ellen done in 2011 to get a good gist of what kind of person she is:


And, I guess that is it. There is really nothing much to say about a favourite actress. My other favourite actresses include Kristen Bell, Emma Stone and Alexis Bledel. And if you want more favourites, you can go check out  Rhey of Sunshine’s blog for her favourite actress!

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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