Poem: all your little endless worries

6 inklings - saturday

and all your little endless worries:
that test the next day which cannot afford you
a job in the next ten decades as
the information is irrelevant to today’s society
the morning wake up – packed and ready – for a day
you won’t even enjoy as it adds no worth to yourself in the long run
you will hardly remember tomorrow
those pointless conversations, that daily grind, the queues
the long commute in a train filled with strangers and strange conversations
that digital secondary world where emails are flooding deadlines and due dates
into your inbox by the second these minute by minute check-ups
are you done yet? have you read it? have you done it?
phone calls from investors, promoters and people who don’t understand you
as a person, as an individual, as a human being with human feelings and emotions
but just want your money or your time or your participation or your effort
which amounts to very little productivity especially for those
who are halfway across the world and suffering
unable to afford any of the life you have and you stuck
on the other half of the world
unable to help them
and those insufferable worries about yourself and others and about the greater good
pulling and pulling yourself taut –

breathe. and let go.
these endless endless worries.
these troubles only eat away at the time you have very little of.

spend it wisely.

when you’re walking cross the bridge
and the sun is out
and the rain patters down.
remember that.

and there’s laughter
and there’s good conversation and food.
remember that.

all your little endless worries
these storming clouds thundering overhead
are necessary for
the little things
the little amazing things
are sunbeams that make the clouds porous
that chase the worries away.

– cumuloq ❤


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